Riverdance: The Animated Adventure 2 release date updates, cast, synopsis and more

While at first Riverdance: The Animated Adventure may have just seemed like a kids movie about Irish dancing, its much more than that! It also teaches kids about grief and how to cope with the loss of loved ones in a beautiful visual story.

The movie is an animated adaptation of the theatrical production of Riverdance, and features music composed by Bill Whelan, who also worked on the live production in the ’90s. When the movie was released on Netflix, many families came together to watch the heartwarming and at times, tear jerking story of Keegan (Sam Hardy), who is tasked with taking over responsibility from his grandad (Pierce Brosnan) of keeping the darkness at bay, and the ancient magical herd of dancing deer safe from the Huntsman (Brendan Gleeson) Now many are wondering if Riverdance 2 could be a possibility.

Find out the latest news and updates on a potential sequel below!

Is Riverdance: The Animated Adventure 2 happening?

At the moment Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether or not the kids movie will receive a sequel. Given that the ending of Riverdance: The Animated Adventure wrapped up everything quite neatly, it’s likely that the animated movie will stay as a standalone. But we could be wrong. We’ll have to keep an ear out for any official news.

Riverdance 2 release date predictions

As the sequel hasn’t been green-lit by Netflix, we cannot provide you with an official release date for Riverdance 2. But given that the movie was initially released on Sky Cinema in the UK in May of last year and it took eight months for it to then be released on Netflix, its likely that if a sequel is ordered, it’ll first be released in the UK before internationally by Netflix. So this could mean we’d be in store for a bit of a wait.

Riverdance 2 cast

We imagine that Keegan, voiced by Sam Hardy, and Moya, voiced by Hannah Herman Cortes, would return if a sequel is green-lit. Another likely actor to return, should a follow on to the animated series be approved, is Jermaine Fowler who voices Benny, the new leader of the herd.

Riverdance 2 synopsis

There isn’t an official synopsis for Riverdance 2 as it’s yet to be ordered by a network, but the first movies synopsis, reads: “An Irish boy and a Spanish girl journey into the mythical world of the Megaloceros Giganteus, who teach them to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life.”

Stay tuned for more updates on a potential sequel!