5 Netflix movies and shows to watch this week: Too Hot to Handle and more

Too Hot to Handle season 2, photo courtesy Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 2, photo courtesy Netflix. /

It’s almost time for another week on Netflix, and there are so many great Netflix movies and shows to check out. Here are our top five picks for the week.

As we get started with a new week, you’ll want to know which releases are worth looking out for. After all, there are 23 Netflix movies and shows arriving throughout the week. The full list of release can be overwhelming and it’s easy to miss something.

That’s why we break it down to the top picks. We have something for all interests whether you want a steamy romance or are more in the mood for a reality show.

5 must-watch Netflix movies and shows this week

This list is in release date order. It’s too hard to compare the genres.

After We Fell

The first release of the week is the steamy romance that many have been waiting for. After We Fell is the third movie in the franchise, bringing us a story that could see Tessa and Hardin break up.

Tessa is heading to Seattle after college, but Hardin expected them to move to London. Will he give up his dreams for her, or will he force her to move with him?

Watch the movie on Monday, Jan. 17.

Heavenly Bites: Mexico

The next option is a series that is great for fans of the likes of The Great British Baking ShowHeavenly Bites: Mexico will bring us the great cultural culinary treats, including the traditions behind them. The downside is that it’s just a documentary and not a full series.

You’ll be able to add another set of recipes to your book. Even if you’re not planning on adding them, you’ll understand more of the traditions when your friends try to make them.

Watch the cooking documentary on Wednesday, Jan. 19.

Too Hot to Handle

Want a reality show? You’re covered with the next one of the Netflix movies and shows this week. It’s all about Too Hot to Handle season 3. The season is set to follow the same format as the previous two seasons.

A group of singles head to a sunny paradise in the hope of winning $100,000. There is one thing that they need to do while they’re there. They will need to stay celibate, but that’s much easier said than done.

Watch the first episode of the season on Thursday, Jan. 20. This is a weekly release on Netflix.


The final season of Ozark gets starts this week. It picks up off the back of the previous season, which means we’ll get to see how the family is getting out of the latest problem.

Of course, the problems aren’t over just yet. There are a lot more to come as we see them in their final situation. They’ll need to clean up the literal mess of blood while the cartel party continues below. They’ve not learned their lessons just yet.

Watch the seven episodes of Ozark season 4, part 1 on Netflix on Friday, Jan. 21.

The Royal Treatment

For fans of romantic comedies, The Royal Treatment is going to be a must-watch. It’s perfect for fans of A Christmas Prince and The Royal Inheritance.

In this movie, a New York hairdresser is given the opportunity of a lifetime: do the hair for a royal bridal party. Of course, she ends up falling for the prince, who happens to be the groom, and yes, he falls for her too. Will he follow through with duty or choose love?

Check out the last of the Netflix movies and shows on Friday, Jan. 21.

Which Netflix movies and shows are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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