Brazen 2 release date updates, cast, synopsis, and more

Brazen. (L-R) Malachi Weir as Ben, Alyssa Milano as Grace, Sam Page as Ed in Brazen. Cr. Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix © 2021
Brazen. (L-R) Malachi Weir as Ben, Alyssa Milano as Grace, Sam Page as Ed in Brazen. Cr. Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix © 2021 /

Brazen starring Alyssa Milano is now available on Netflix. Want to see more of Grace Miller? Here’s what we know about Brazen 2 so far.

If you enjoyed the romantic thriller Brazen on Netflix, you may be interested in seeing more. The case was wrapped by the end, but that doesn’t mean there will never be any other murders. There is sure to be more cases for the handsome detective Ed Jackson. Grace Miller could find herself offering her skills to help catch another killer.

A sequel hasn’t been confirmed just yet. That’s not surprising since the movie has only just dropped. Even the big movies like Red Notice didn’t get a sequel until after the movie had spent time on Netflix to capture the audience’s attention. We’re not expecting news about a potential Brazen 2 for a while.

That doesn’t stop us looking at the chances of a sequel. Here’s what we know about it so far.

Brazen 2 release date prediction

There isn’t a release date just yet since the movie hasn’t been confirmed. Movies don’t take as long to film as TV shows, so if a sequel was ordered within the next few months, we could see the movie released sometime in early 2023.

Brazen 2 cast

We’d hope to see Alyssa Milano return as Grace Miller. We’d also need to see Sam Page return as Ed Jackson.

This does depend on whether the two characters will return, though. The sequel could end up being another Nora Roberts book in her D.C. Detectives collection.

Brazen 2 synopsis

There isn’t a sequel novel. Grace Miller and Ed Jackson don’t return in other Nora Roberts books. That makes it hard to guess what the synopsis for a sequel could be.

Instead of creating a new murder for Grace and Ed to solve, it’s possible that Netflix could look at another Nora Roberts book. Sacred Sins is the first book in the D.C. Detectives series, and there are plenty more thrillers from the author. Could we see a new movie franchise similar to the way Netflix is adapting Harlen Cohen novels?

Brazen 2 trailer

Since there isn’t a sequel confirmed, we don’t yet have a trailer. We’ll be sure to bring that once one is available.

Would you like to see Brazen 2 happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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