5 good Netflix movies to watch this weekend: Brazen and more

Brazen. Alyssa Milano as Grace in Brazen. Cr. Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix © 2021
Brazen. Alyssa Milano as Grace in Brazen. Cr. Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix © 2021 /

The weekend is a great time to catch up on all the Netflix movies that arrived throughout the week. Brazen is just one of the top suggestions this weekend.

There is plenty to watch when it comes to content on Netflix. Sure, there were only 13 new titles arriving, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to watch throughout the weekend.

This week saw something for almost everyone. There’s an action-thriller from 2000, a new mystery for thriller fans, and a comedic movie for those looking for something to make them laugh. It’s time to delve into the options.

5 must-watch Netflix movies last weekend

This list is in alphabetical order. It’s just too hard to compare the different genres.


The first movie on our list is the new mystery. Alyssa Milano stars as Grace in this Nora Roberts adaptation. Grace is a mystery writer who finds herself in the middle of a real-life mystery. Her sister has been murdered, and she wants to help the police figure out the answer.

While looking into her sister’s life, she realizes that she was more than just a teacher. Grace’s sister had a second life, and someone in that life may have been the one to kill her.

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

When it comes to something for the whole family, there are great Netflix movies available. This weekend, it’s all about Riverdale: The Animated Adventure. It brings so much about the Irish dance, but it’s more than just watching animated characters kick their feet around.

In this animated movie, an Irish boy heads on an adventure with a Spanish girl. We see the two cultures combine and the two figure out how they’re different but how they are also very alike.

The God Committee

We all know about the transplant list. Sometimes, the person at the top of the list isn’t the next person to get an organ. There are times the person below can end up being a more suitable candidate. The God Committee gives us a look inside the decision making process.

The committee has an hour to decide who will get the organ. Let’s hope LVAD wires arent cut to force the committee into a decision, right, Grey’s Anatomy fans?

This Is Not a Comedy

The title may suggest otherwise but the next of the Netflix movies is the comedy for the weekend. This Is Not a Comedy follows a comedian whose friend asks him to be a sperm donor. This is a big request, and the comedian just can’t help but say yes.

What does it mean to be a sperm donor? That’s something our comedian is going to find out when he decides to. His life is about to completely change.

Under Suspicion

Sometimes you want a movie from the past, and that’s what this last suggestion is. The 2000 movie Under Suspicion stars Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman, which is already going to pique your interest.

Freeman is Police Captain Victor Benezet. He goes up against the prominent tax attorney Henry Hearst, played by Hackman. This is more than just a simple cat and mouse game. A lot of psychological games will be played throughout. It’s time to explore the darkest parts of the human mind.

Which Netflix movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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