Netflix cancels the first show of 2022

We have some terrible, terrible, terrible news to share with you about a Netflix show.

Netflix has officially canceled its first show of 2022. We already saw Netflix renew its first show of 2022, and that was Emily in Paris for two seasons!

It was only a matter of time before the first cancellation was announced. There were and still are a few Netflix shows on the chopping block.

Gentefied canceled

Unfortunately, Gentefied is the Netflix show to get the ax in early 2022. Deadline reported the cancellation.

This is obviously a huge bummer for fans of the series. Gentefied is one the best Netflix shows of 2021, and it’s just really unfortunate that the show is getting canceled following an incredible second season and with so much story left to tell.

The first season of Gentefied premiered on Netflix in February 2020 and was quickly picked up for season 2. The second season premiered on Netflix in November 2021.

It was clear Gentefied was in trouble when the series never broke out on the Netflix Top 10. It’s a good indicator of how many people are tuning in to a series on Netflix. Sadly, it looked like people just were not watching Gentefied in big enough numbers to justify a renewal from Netflix.

I don’t understand what people didn’t like about the show, but my guess is that not enough subscribers truly gave it a chance. Once I started watching Gentefied, I was hooked.

While this is the first cancellation of the year, it will not be the last. Netflix is making so many shows, not all of them can make it to a second or third season.

If you still haven’t seen Gentefied on Netflix, I highly recommend checking out the series on Netflix right now. I promise it won’t let you down!