Ginnifer Goodwin shares surprising Manifest season 4 update

As we wait for Manifest season 4 to make its way to Netflix, we’ll take any and all updates where we can get them. And the latest bit of Manifest is coming from… Ginnifer Goodwin? Although she’s not in the show, she’s married to its leading man, Josh Dallas.

Before any Once Upon a Time fans get too excited, no… Ginnifer Goodwin won’t be making a guest appearance in Manifest season 4. Keep your fingers crossed on that front, Manifesters and Snowing shippers, but we have some interesting filming news.

The cast and crew got back to work filming the fourth and final season of Manifest in November 2021 in New York City. Josh Dallas himself shared a glimpse of Ben’s new look for the final chapter, and it’s telling of what’s to come for his character.

While promoting her new Fox comedy series Pivoting, Goodwin spilled a bit of information about her husband’s show that seems to confirm the leading prediction for the Manifest season 4 release date while also shedding light into how long filming will last.

Ginnifer Goodwin shares Manifest season 4 update

As previously mentioned, Manifest films in New York, but Ginnifer Goodwin’s new show films in Los Angeles, where their family is based. Funnily enough, Goodwin’s Manifest season 4 tease comes from wanting Dallas home, which we totally understand.

Here’s what Goodwin said to SBJCT about Manifest:

“I adore Manifest, but I’m ready for my husband to come home from NYC. He’ll wrap the series in late 2022 and we are craving a vacation.”

According to the Pivoting star, Manifest will wrap in late 2022, more than likely in the fall. We’d previously heard from Matt Long that the first batch of 10 episodes would premiere sometime in late 2022, but we hadn’t heard about a potential wrap date.

Considering it’s only January as of this writing, we’re expecting the cast to take a short hiatus around summer 2022 before continuing to film the final episodes. However, it’s also possible that they are marathon filming all 20 episodes throughout the year.

Of course, this all has yet to be confirmed by Netflix or creator Jeff Rake, but it’s a solid timeline on when we can start emotionally preparing to see all of those wrap messages online from the cast. The final farewell probably won’t be sometime in 2023 when the last 10 episodes drop.

Thank you, Ginnifer Goodwin, for that bit of Manifest news! Stay tuned for more Manifest season 4 updates from Netflix Life.