Rebelde age rating: Is the Netflix show appropriate for kids?

Rebelde Season 1 - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Rebelde Season 1 - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Rebelde is still going strong on Netflix’s top 10 trending list, which means that it’s certainly a title that you and your family are going to want to watch as soon as possible to understand all the hype.

Before you do, however, you absolutely should know all about the show’s maturity rating, especially because this original series full of music-loving teens may not be the best choice for your teen.

We tell you everything to know about Rebelde‘s age rating below.

Rebelde Season 1 – Photo Credits: Netflix /

Rebelde age rating

Netflix has given the 2022 Rebelde reboot an age rating of TV-MA, meaning only mature audiences, those 18 years of age and up, can view this series.

This rating comes from not-so-kid-friendly moments in the show where violence, drug use, and sexual scenes can be seen. Additionally, according to IMDb, the series has a moderate amount of strong or suggestive language, all around making Rebelde one that you may want to keep off of the screen until your kids are a little older.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait this long, there are a few similar titles on Netflix that are sure to be a great substitution for your music-loving younger ones.

Although unfortunately not renewed for another seasonJulie and the Phantoms would be a great watch for you and your family as it is not only rated TV-G but is super inspiring, heartfelt, and full of great songs like “Unsaid Emily” that are sure to be on repeat! VictoriousJem and the Holograms, and Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour are also great substitutes.

Whether you opt to watch Taylor Swift dazzle on her stage or await the day that you can watch Rebelde, Netflix is full of series and films that emphasize the beauty of music. Be sure to head on over today to find your next favorite title.

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