What is Rebelde (2022) about?

Rebelde Season 1 - Photo Credits: Netflix
Rebelde Season 1 - Photo Credits: Netflix /

Netflix recently released a new series called Rebeldeand it seems to be the perfect substitution for musical shows like The Get Down and Julie and the Phantoms that were unfortunately canceled by the streaming platform.

Of course, we know that this is a pretty bold claim, especially for people who may know nothing about this 2022 release, but before you pick up your pitchforks, we want to tell you all about Rebelde so that you can become as passionate about this musical series as the others.

Check it out, below!

Rebelde synopsis

Based on the 2004 Mexican telenovela series of the same name, Rebelde tells the story of six private school first-year students who, despite having very different ways of living, come together to create an amazing band that their fellow peers simply cannot ignore.

However, their growing popularity made them a target for a scary hazing incident, putting both their newly created band and their futures at this esteemed school in jeopardy.

Now more than ever, MJ, Andi, Luka, Esteban, Dixon, and Jana need to come together as friends to take back their once relatively peaceful lives at Elite Way School, but with the members of this hazing group still at large, could their love for music and one another simply not be enough to overcome these wild events?

See the official synopsis via Netflix below:

"As Elite Way School starts a new term, a familiar enemy–a secret society called The Lodge–threatens to crash the musical hopes of first-years."

And while you’re here, check out this juicy official trailer of Rebelde, right here.

With this series’ intriguing premise along with its equally intriguing castRebelde is sure to be your new favorite show, so don’t forget to catch every episode of the new release streaming right now only on Netflix!

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