Who killed Stewart Green in Stay Close?

Stay Close - Credit: James Stack
Stay Close - Credit: James Stack /

Stewart Green was one of the first people to go missing during the mystery in Stay Close. We don’t know how he’s connected to the story at the beginning, but as we get into it, things become clear that Stewart Green and his disappearance are very key to the story.

We shared what happened to Stewart Green below! Spoilers ahead for Stay Close. 

In Stay Close, Stewart Green went missing 17 years before the start of the new season. He was a patron of Vipers, the club where Cassie (now Megan) worked. He was horrible and obsessed with Cassie during that time.

So, what happened to Stewart Green?

Did Cassie/Megan kill Stewart Green?

While it seems like Cassie/Megan did kill Stewart Green, she, in fact, did not kill him.

After a note is left by Ray, or so Cassie thinks, to meet in the woods, Cassie finds Stewart Green in the woods behind Vipers covered in blood. Instead of checking to see if he’s dead, she leaves, changes her name, and starts a new life in fear that she would be blamed for Stewart’s death.

Did Ray kill Stewart Green?

It also seemed really likely that Ray was Stewart’s killer. Ray was engaged to Cassie at the time, and Stewart was bothering Cassie regularly. Ray could have easily killed Stewart for his obsession with Cassie, but he didn’t.

He did have a hand in the disposal of Stewart Green’s body, though.

Ray followed Cassie into the woods that night. He, too, found Stewart Green’s body covered in blood, but he thought it was Cassie who killed him. To cover it up, Ray gets rid of Stewart’s body by chopping him up and sinking him in the river.

So, if it wasn’t Ray or Cassie, who killed Stewart Green?

Lorraine killed Stewart Green

Lorraine! It was Lorraine! She was there the whole time, and we didn’t put it together.

In the final moments of the finale, it’s revealed that Lorraine killed Stewart Green to help out Cassie, but she didn’t do it so Cassie would run away. She just wanted Cassie to see that Stewart was dead, which would hopefully allow her to carry on her life. That’s why she planted the note that led Cassie into the woods that night.

Lorraine killed a lot of bad dudes over the years at Carnival and disposed of many of their bodies in an underground bunker in the woods.

So, that’s how Stewart Green dies.

Stay Close is now streaming on Netflix.

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