Who killed Carlton Flynn in Stay Close?

Stay Close - Credit: James Stack
Stay Close - Credit: James Stack /

Carlton Flynn going missing in Stay Close is the mystery that kicks off this whole story.

In the series, Flynn is last seen at the Carnival party at Vipers. He tries to drug one of the girls there, but her friend switches the drinks, and Carlton drinks it. Initially, we see him running through the woods, but we don’t know what happened to him. That remains until the final seconds of the series.

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Spoilers ahead for Stay Close! 

Is Carlton Flynn dead?

Unlike some of the lucky parties, Carlton Flynn doesn’t make it out of Stay Close alive. His father hires Ken and Barbie to get involved, and they leave a murderous trail in their wake as they try to find Carlton.

Does Ray kill Carlton Flynn?

Early in the series, it is revealed that Ray was in the woods the night that Carlton Flynn went missing. Although he doesn’t remember it, Ray took a picture of Carlton in the woods that night. It’s very likely the last time that Carlton was seen.

Ray tries to do what’s right and turns in the pictures to the police, but he wants to stay out of it. His lack of transparency with the police makes him a key suspect in this whole mystery, and eventually, Ray finds himself at the center of the story.

Who killed Carlton Flynn?

Despite being a horrible person, Carlton was not targeted by Lorraine, the serial killer, in the series. Instead, he dives because of a colossal mix-up.

Carlton eventually catches Kayleigh after chasing her through the woods. Luckily, Kayleigh is able to get out of it and throws Carlton into the back of his trunk. Kayleigh and Bea, then, drive off to the middle of nowhere where they run out of gas.

Dave picks them up in the middle of the night and asks no questions. They don’t reveal that Carlton is in the trunk.

The next day, Dave recognized the missing car and disposes of it by pushing it into the river. Dave doesn’t realize that Carlton is in the trunk of the car alive.

He tells Megan the truth that he pushed the car into the water to protect Kayleigh, but he still doesn’t know that Carlton was in the back. Megan, after speaking with Kayleigh, knows that she left him in the car. In the last scene, Megan puts it all together.

So, there you have it. Dave, Kayleigh’s dad and Megan’s husband, is the killer of Carlton Flynn, but he does not know that.

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