What is The Silent Sea on Netflix about?

The Silent Sea season 1- Photo Credits: Netflix
The Silent Sea season 1- Photo Credits: Netflix /

A part of the Top 10 trending list of this week is a Korean drama series titled The Silent Sea.

The Netflix original sci-fi series, which was officially released on Dec. 24, 2021, has been catching the attention of audiences all over the world; scoring a pretty favorable audience score of 70% on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb alike. In addition to the positive scores, audiences are raving all about how fascinating of a concept this series is.

With all this and more in mind, you probably want to know what exactly The Silent Sea is about before you tune in later tonight. We got you covered.

The Silent Sea synopsis

The Silent Sea is a harrowing look at the world years in the future following the disastrous effects of climate change.

With limited resources and depleting sources of water, a group of talented astronauts and astrobiologists set out on a voyage to the moon to retrieve a sample of a substance that could hold the key to reversing the current situation of the world. However, this mission proves to be far from easy. Once they arrive at the station on the moon, they encounter strange happenings and even stranger secrets.

What lies ahead of them on the moon and will they ever return to Earth in time to save the planet? You’ll have to tune in to find out but before you do, learn all about the cast in this new release.

We shared the full synopsis below, via Netflix:

"Set in a future Earth that has undergone desertification, The Silent Sea is the story of the members of a special team sent to secure a mysterious sample from an abandoned research facility on the moon."

The cast list for The Silent Sea is as follows:

  • Bae Doona as Doctor Song Ji-an
  • Joon Lee as Captain Ryoo Tae-seok
  • Feodor Chin as Kim Hee-sun
  • Harrison Xu as Lee Gi-Su
  • Heo Sung-tae as Kim Jae-sun

And last but certainly not least, Squid Game actor Gong Yoo will be playing the lead role of Han Yoo-jae in this original series.

See Gong Yoo and the rest of this talented cast in the official trailer for the 2021 series down below.

Now that you know everything to know about this thrilling new series, head on over to Netflix to catch all eight episodes of The Silent Sea. It’s certainly going to be a wild ride.

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