What songs does Jaskier sing in The Witcher season 2?

The Witcher Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix / Susie Allnutt
The Witcher Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix / Susie Allnutt /

If anyone in The Witcher is a fan favorite, it’s Jaskier. He’s fun, he’s witty, he’s sarcastic, and he can sing. It doesn’t get much better than that. And the songs he sings are so catchy you have them in your head two weeks after you finished binge-watching the season. Or at least that was the case in season 1 with “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher.”

Jaskier may not sing as much in The Witcher season 2, but he does get in a few songs when he’s not being hugged by Geralt AND Yennefer or when he’s not trying to hide under a table from two magical creatures.

The first song we see him sing this season is called “Burn Butcher Burn.” Yennefer watches him sing it in a pub when she’s looking for safe passage to Cintra. To say that Jaskier took Geralt’s rejection hard would be an understatement. Clearly, he took all that hurt and pain and wrote a song about it. It’s an angry, sad song to say the least.

The second song Jaskier sings is when he’s in jail for being wrongly accused of being a peeping Tom. All he has are two mouse companions to keep him company. The song is called “Whoreson Prison Blues.”

Jaskier sings two songs in The Witcher season 2

It’s way more fun than “Burn Butcher Burn,” but still a little sad and has that anger Jaskier is still dealing with from being abandoned. Also… he’s in prison. He’s going to be sad and angry.

Luckily, his not-so-good friend Geralt is there to break him out. Little does he know, he’d probably be safer staying in the prison cell. But Jaskier is likely to get a lot more song ideas from the adventures he has with Geralt than if he had stayed in prison.

I’m guessing we’re probably going to get a Ciri song next season. After what Jaskier witnessed at the end of season 2, there is no way he doesn’t create an epic song about that!

Both songs from season 2 along with the entire soundtrack are available on Spotify.

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