Twentysomethings: Austin star Raquel Daniels age, Instagram, job and more

Twentysomethings: Austin. Raquel Daniels in Twentysomethings: Austin. Cr. Netflix © 2021
Twentysomethings: Austin. Raquel Daniels in Twentysomethings: Austin. Cr. Netflix © 2021 /

Twentysomethings: Austin has become a lot of Netflix users’ comfort show as fans have been thoroughly enjoying watching this eccentric bunch of 20-year-old individuals figure out how to master being an adult.

Raquel Daniels is one of these individuals, and with her beautiful afro and versatile outfits, she’s probably become one of your favorites (just as she is ours!).

If you love her as much as we do, then you absolutely have to know all about this new Netflix reality star! We’ve got you covered as we tell you Raquel’s age, Instagram, and more right here.

Raquel Daniels age

Raquel Daniels hails from Eatonville, Florida, and was born on Dec. 13, 1995, making this Southern native 26 years of age and a Sagittarius.

Raquel Daniels Instagram

Her Instagram is full of her friends and family, her dope looks and, of course, her showstopper afro. Check out this absolutely stunning pic of Raquel, down below.

She currently has close to 11,000 followers on her Instagram as well as another 300 followers on her Twitter where she retweets adorable posts from her new fans who adore her hair.

As fans get to know more about Raquel in the soon-coming weeks, her follower count is sure to increase exponentially so be sure to give her a follow and show her some love, too!

Raquel Daniels job

As stated in the original series, Raquel works in IT Tech and has desires of building a network in Austin, Texas for her startup company. But when she’s not typing away at the computer, according to Men’s Health, she enjoys rollerskating and securing cool items for her gorgeous wardrobe.

She’s sure to deliver so many more great looks throughout her time in Austin and you’re certainly not going to want to miss them! So, don’t forget to catch Raquel Daniels in Twentysomethings: Austin streaming right now only on Netflix.

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