Single All the Way ending explained: Does Peter end up with Nick or James?

Single All The Way (L-R). Philemon Chambers as Nick, Michael Urie as Peter, in Single All The Way. Cr. Philippe Bosse/Netflix © 2021
Single All The Way (L-R). Philemon Chambers as Nick, Michael Urie as Peter, in Single All The Way. Cr. Philippe Bosse/Netflix © 2021 /

The latest Netflix original Christmas romantic comedy Single All the Way premiered on Dec. 2, and it’s by far the most heartwarming new Christmas movie of the season.

Along with Love Hard and A Castle for Christmas, Netflix has been releasing so many great new movies for the holidays. There’s even tons of new Christmas movies perfect for the whole family to watch, including Single All the Way.

In the holiday rom-com, Peter tasks his best friend Nick with pretending to be his boyfriend to appease his nosey family. But when a blind date orchestrated by his mother changes things, Peter’s romantic future suddenly has more possibilities than ever.

Does Peter end up with Nick at the rest of his family’s suggestion, or will Peter find love with James thanks to his mom’s set up? Here’s what happens at the end of Single All the Way. Spoilers ahead!

Do Peter and Nick end up together in Single All the Way?

Although Peter and Nick have been best friends and roommates for years, Peter’s family has always wondered why the pair haven’t taken their close friendship to the next level. Still, they insist they’re just friends in spite of their fake boyfriend plan.

Since Peter’s family has a vested interest in his personal life (to an extreme extent, if you ask me…), Peter’s mother takes it upon herself to set up him with her hunky trainer, James. The pair hit it off, but the family can’t let the thought of Peter and Nick go.

Peter and James have a minor connection and a few cute dates. However, Peter starts to feel the pull toward Nick. In the end, James helps Peter realize his feelings for Nick, and the longtime friends fall head over heels in love at long last.

Does Peter move back home in Single All the Way?

Throughout the movie, Peter daydreams about leaving his job and life in Los Angeles behind to move back home to New Hampshire to be closer to his family and open a plant store. And he does just that! Nick buys him a storefront and the couple moves to New Hampshire.

Of course, we all could see this ending coming from the very beginning of the movie, but that doesn’t make the ride any less charming and heartfelt. By the end of Single All the Way, Peter is single no more and gets everything he had always wanted.

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