Is Just Friends a Christmas movie?

As Thanksgiving week is upon us, so is the Christmas season. Since the beginning of November, Netflix has been releasing new Christmas movies and shows, giving us an amazing amount of choices.

The Christmas features range across multiple genres, and some are even questioned if they are actual Christmas movies. One film that has people puzzled is Just Friends. Is this truly a Christmas movie?

Many Christmas movies are straight-up Christmas-themed with no questions about what you will be watching. Other movies are more subtle with only a small Christmas scene. Are these considered holiday viewing?

I say, why not? Life is short. If you enjoy a movie at Christmas and want to call it a holiday movie, go for it.

Is Just Friends a Christmas movie?

I will confidently say, yes, Just Friends is a Christmas movie.

Just Friends is a romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds as Chris Brander, who reluctantly returns home during the Christmas season after a small mishap. It’s set during Christmas, and it has Christmas vibes. So, it’s hard to say this one isn’t a Christmas movie.

In high school, Chris had a crush on his hot best friend, Jamie Palamino ( Amy Smart). He kept that secret until their graduation when he confessed all in her yearbook, which was then used to humiliate him in front of his peers. He vows to leave and never return while becoming more successful than anyone else from their class.

Fast-forward 10 years, Chris has done what he set out to do, including not visiting his hometown. An air travel fiasco requires an emergency landing that just happens to be near his hometown. He heads back to face all of his demons from his past, including his unresolved feelings for Amy.

Anna Faris, Christopher Marquette, Chris Klein, Julie Hagerty and Stephen Root also star in the movie.

The movie features Christmas parties, caroling, holiday yard decorating, so this is most assuredly a Christmas movie. You can safely add it to your holiday list without worry.

Just Friends is currently available to stream on Netflix.