Tiger King season 3 release date updates, renewal, synopsis, and more

The wait for Tiger King season 2 is over. As fans around the world flock to Netflix to stream the new season of the Netflix original documentary series, they are wondering if and when Tiger King season 3 is happening.

Fans had to wait for more than a year and a half between the first two seasons of the mega-hit documentary that tells the story of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and so much more.

We shared what you need to know about Tiger King season 3 below.

How many seasons of Tiger King are there?

There are currently two seasons of Tiger King on Netflix right now. The first season premiered on Netflix in March 2020.

Tiger King season 2 premiered on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021.

Will there be a Tiger King season 3?

If there’s interest and story after Tiger King season 2, then there’s definitely going to be a Tiger King season 3 on Netflix. If the fans want more seasons, we think Netflix will do what they can to make it happen.

Obviously, this story is rooted in some sort of reality, so there has to be a story to tell. That’s the other key piece of this puzzle.

I think there probably will be a Tiger King season 3, but it probably won’t be on Netflix very soon.

Tiger King season 3 release date

Obviously, there was a big gap between season 1 and season 2 of Tiger King. Some of that was probably caused by the pandemic, while the rest was the storytellers and directors gathering information and footage to present. There’s a lot of research required to present a show like Tiger King.

So, assuming Netflix does order another season, we’ll probably have to wait until late 2022, at the earliest, and it might even be 2023 until we see Tiger King season 3.

Who’s in Tiger King season 3?

It’d be hard to shift gears now to focus on different people, so we have to assume that the subjects from the first two seasons of Tiger King would be featured in Tiger King season 3.

We expect Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe, Carole Baskin, and Doc Antle to be featured in Tiger King season 3.

We’ll let you know more about who’s in Tiger King season 3 when we find out.

Tiger King season 3 synopsis

It’s unclear what Tiger King season 3 could be about. Obviously, as time goes on, there will probably be more to Joe Exotic’s story and more to Carole Baskin’s story.

That will likely determine where the documentary series goes from here.

Stay tuned for more news about Tiger King season 3!