Gentefied season 2: What’s next for Chris in Gentefied season 3?

Gentefied season 2 finally premiered on Netflix, and it’s one of the best Netflix shows of 2021. We reunited with the Morales family just as things were starting to look bleak for their future, but the new season officially has us begging for Gentefied season 3.

Each of the characters have important choices to make and truths to face in season 2, whether it’s Pop’s battle to remain in the United States or Erik and Lidia’s relationship strife in the throes of new parenthood. Chris especially has big decisions ahead of him.

When we first meet Chris in Gentefied, he’s working his way up in kitchens as a chef, but he reintegrates back into the family business as Pop’s taco shop struggles to stay afloat as gentrification seeps into their neighborhood. In season 2, he’s one of the team.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for Chris as he enters a seemingly perfect but ultimately complicated new relationship and confronts what he wants for both his personal and professional lives. Without further ado, here’s what to expect from Chris in Gentefied season 3.

Spoilers for Gentefied season 2 ahead!

Do Chris and Sarai break up in Gentefied season 2?

After the Morales family loses Mama Fina’s, they pursue opening a taco truck to stay in business. Going down this road leads Chris to Sarai, a chef who runs a successful food truck with aspirations of opening her own restaurant. Chris leans on Sarai for pointers and sparks fly.

Their relationship heats up quickly, and we have to admit that we were shipping them pretty hard. Sarai was the perfect match for Chris, but speed bumps soon arise for the chefs in love. When Sarai finally gets the opportunity to open her own restaurant, she discovers it’s the vacant Mama Fina’s location.

Of course, Sarai doesn’t immediately share this unfortunate development with Chris, fearing what his reaction might be. On the one had, Sarai’s excited that her dream is coming true, but she’s conflicted that it comes at the loss of the Morales family business.

Naturally, Chris finds out the truth and doesn’t take to it well. Because he believes she kept this information from him and that it’s a conflict of interest, Chris and Sarai call it quits. But the pair just might not be over over for good…

Will Chris be in Gentefied season 3?

For most of the season, Chris was preparing to leave for Paris to attend a culinary institute. But his relationship with Sarai and obligations to the family help him to eventually change his mind, which his father doesn’t agree with at all.

Breaking up with Sarai and Pop’s expected deportation (more on that here) have Chris searching for what to do next. He applies for and lands a kitchen job in Mexico City, and in spite of initial jitters, Chris accepts the job. In the end, he’s living in Mexico and sends Sarai a postcard.

We’re not expecting Chris to leave the show, meaning he will be back in Gentefied season 3 (should Netflix renew the dramedy for another season). He alluded to the fact that his job in Mexico would be temporary, leaving the door open for new opportunities for work (and romance!) in Los Angeles in the future. Let’s hope he’s back with the family, and maybe Sarai, in season 3.

What do you think is next for Chris in Gentefied season 3? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments, and watch Gentefied season 2 on Netflix.