Do Chris and Sarai end up together in Gentefied season 2?

Gentefied season 2 introduces audiences to a new character, Sarai Damian, played by Ivana Rojas.

Sarai helps out the Morales family in starting a new food truck after they lose the location for Mama Fina’s. Immediately, Sarai has chemistry with Chris (Carlos Santos), and they hit it off.

Eventually, Chris and Sarai start a romantic relationship, and things seem to be going well. But, do things remain that way for the whole season?

Spoilers ahead for Gentefied season 2!

Do Chris and Saria end up together in Gentefied season 2?

Unfortunately, things get quite rocky between Sarai and Chris, despite their undeniable chemistry and true love for each other.

Sarai asks Chris to stay in California and work with her at her new restaurant where she’ll be the head chef. Chris agrees and ends his plans to move to Paris to attend a culinary institution.

Eventually, Sarai reveals that the location of the restaurant will be where Mama Fina’s used to be. Chris freaks out, and they break up.

Honestly, it seems like Chris overreacted. He threw away a great relationship because he was hurt by what happened with Pop and the building owners.

So, no, Sarai and Chris do not end up together.

Will Chris and Sarai end up together in Gentefied?

Assuming Gentefied is renewed for season 3, we will get to see Chris and Sarai again. At the end of the season, we see Chris and Sarai together again. Chris apologizes, and Sarai opens the door to continue their relationship.

Chris turns her down. He’s going to Mexico City to learn from a world-class chef, but he also leaves the door open to getting back together with Sarai in the future.

If these two don’t end up together, I will be absolutely stunned. If you believe in true love, you need to see Chris and Sarai end up together. It’s only right.

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