Did Chase Stokes confirm Outer Banks season 3?

It’s been almost three months since Outer Banks season 2 premiered on Netflix, and Outer Banks fans all over the world are getting a little restless over the new season not being confirmed yet.

With the way Outer Banks season 2 ended, we need to know what happens! This can’t possibly be the end of the Pogues’ journey.

Netflix has not announced Outer Banks season 3 is happening. But, it looks like Outer Banks star Chase Stokes might have teased Outer Banks season 3 on his Instagram story.

Did Chase Stokes tease Outer Banks season 3?

In his Instagram story, Stokes posted a picture of the cast and crew of Outer Banks with the caption “Family <3.”

Yes, that’s a “3,” but it also doubles as a heart!

Look, I’m not saying Stokes is actually teasing Outer Banks season 3, but putting two and two (more like three and three together, amirite?), it looks like Stokes could be teasing Outer Banks season 3.

Why use the “3” when there are other things that could be used? Stokes could have used a real heart emoji, right? I don’t know that much about Instagram Stories, but I think that’s a thing.

It seems silly to even speculate that Stokes was teasing Outer Banks season 3, but I’m all for harmless conspiracy theories about Netflix shows!

Will there be an Outer Banks season 3?

As mentioned, Outer Banks season 3 isn’t official yet, but there’s no reason for fans to be worried. There was a long gap between the first season and the season 2 renewal, so we have been expecting some waiting for that season 3 pickup.

It also should be noted that there have been several reports, including one from Small Screen. That report said that Outer Banks season 3 is in the writing process and that the season was going to be released sometime in mid-2022.

It also mentioned an Outer Banks season 4, which seems very promising!

There’s more to this story and the show is popular. I’m sure the renewal announcement will be dropping any day now.

When is Outer Banks season 3 on Netflix?

If the Small Screen report and the Outer Banks season 3 release date rumors are accurate, Outer Banks season 3 will be released on Netflix in mid-2022.

It makes so much sense for Netflix to release Outer Banks season 3 in the summer of 2022. We’ve been predicting that since the release of season 2.

The problem with that release date is that production needs to happen soon if we’re to expect Outer Banks season 3 on Netflix in the summer of 2022. There needs to be at least four months, and probably more like six months, between the end of production and the release of the season on Netflix.

So, production needs to wrap by the end of April for the Outer Banks season 3 release date to be in the summer of 2022.

Is it possible that production has already started in secret? It’s possible but rather unlikely. With so many people interested in this show now, it’s so hard to keep things secret. You’d think there would be pictures of the cast together.

As long as production starts in late 2021 or early 2022 and wraps by the end of April, we should be in great shape to see the Outer Banks season 3 release date on Netflix in the summer of 2022.

Outer Banks season 3 is one of the best Netflix shows coming in 2022.

We’ll share the official release date when we find out.