5 reasons to watch the hit Netflix series Squid Game

Squid Game - Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park
Squid Game - Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park /
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Squid Game cast, Oh Young-soo
Squid Game – Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park /

Should I watch Squid Game?

Without any doubt, Squid Game has officially become one of the most successful shows on the biggest streaming service on the planet, making it a next-level, must-watch endeavor. The numbers prove that the majority of Netflix’s extensive subscriber base has seen it, but there are still some people that have continued to opt out of experiencing the addictive South Korean survival drama.

It would seem that both fans and critics alike are thoroughly enjoying the show that showcases the perils of the class divide in a way that really gets people’s attention. With many favorable reviews garnered, Squid Game has earned the coveted Certified Fresh designation on Rotten Tomatoes and received much-deserved praise from several prominent outlets within the industry.

And when it comes to fan reception, more than 111 million people have seen the well-crafted series following a group of people in immense debt competing in children’s games repurposed where contestants’ lives are literally on the line. The thought-provoking and, more often than not, jaw-dropping series is a worthwhile watch, and for anyone still on the fence about witnessing the Parasite meets the Hunger Games endeavor has to offer, here are some reasons to convince subscribers that haven’t witnessed it to participate in Squid Game.

1. The Squid Game games

There are very many reasons to get excited about Squid Game, but the main one is pretty obvious. The redesigned family-friendly games meant for young ones are what truly keep audiences on the edge of their seats, excited to see what comes next.

These death-defying challenges are brilliant because they come off like something Jigsaw from the Saw franchise would devise in the early stages of his sadistic career. Still, they somehow manage to keep that somewhat enchanting and whimsical vibe one experiences when walking through the parks at Disney.

Overall, Squid Game proves that execution is everything in more ways than one. The shocking ordeals that put its debt-ridden contenders to the test will not only dumfound viewers, but because of the design, will allow all the chaos to go down easy.