25 best scary movies on Netflix

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 30: Writer/actor Leigh Whannell, actress Lin Shaye and director James Wan attend the Australians In Film screening of Film District’s ‘Insidious’ at The Los Angeles Film School on March 30, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)


Oh, look! Another movie that starts with a married couple moving into a new house. I swear Netflix has them all. Moral of the story: stay where you are. Unless you’re already in a haunted house. Then move immediately. It’s a catch-22.

Insidious starts with Josh and Renai Lambert moving into a new home with their kids, Dalton, Foster, and Cali. Everything is going fine until Dalton falls into a coma for no reason. After three months, they take him home from the hospital without any changes. This is when weird stuff starts happening.

Renai starts hearing voices in the baby monitor, Dalton is sleepwalking, and Renai sees something in Cali’s room. Renai is then attacked by a figure and that is when they decide to move. But moving never stopped a supernatural spirit, that’s for sure.

More paranormal activity occurs at the new house. Josh’s mom sees a red-faced demon and immediately calls in a psychic and paranormal investigator.

And guess what? Dalton is not in a coma. He can astral travel and has been doing so unknowingly. Gotta love some horror writers, right? This time, he has traveled too far and gotten lost in The Further, a place where tortured souls of the dead go. The spirits are using his body as a vehicle to come into the world of the living.

The investigator tries to contact Dylan, but it does not go well and it’s soon discovered that this astral travel trait runs in the family. So the only way to stop everything from occurring is for Dalton’s dad to go in after him.

This movie does not have the happy ending you might think, but that’s why there is a sequel!

Insidious stars Patrick Wilson (who is in all the horror films), Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Ty Simpkins, and Lin Shaye.

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