Is Madre Linda from You season 3 a real place?

YOU (L to R) PENN BADGLEY as JOE GOLDBERG in episode 301 of YOU Cr. JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX © 2021 /

We’ve followed Joe Goldberg from coast to coast throughout You so far, and it just so happens that Joe is on the move again in You season 3.

In the first season of the Netflix original series, we followed Joe through New York City. In You season 2, Joe moves across the country to Los Angeles. That’s where he meets Love, and we all know what happens after that.

At the end of You season 2, we saw Joe and Love moving into a new home in the suburbs, and thanks to Netflix, we now know where Joe and Love are putting down roots to raise their kiddo, Henry.

Where do Joe and Love move in You season 3?

In the trailer, Joe refers to their new home as a “soulless suburb.” Yikes.

According to the official synopsis for You season 3, Joe and Love have moved to Madre Linda, which Netflix describes as a “balmy Northern California enclave.” Double yikes!

We shared the synopsis, via Netflix, so you can get a feel for what this Madre Linda place is really like.

"In Season 3, Joe and Love, now married and raising their baby, have moved to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda, where they’re surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers."

Based on the synopsis, it sounds like You season 3 will have some big Silicon Valley vibes. I’m intrigued!

Is Madre Linda a real place?

Like many suburbs and small towns from hit TV shows, Madre Linda is not a real place, unfortunately. I mean, you can visit where You season 3 was filmed, but it’s not in the town of Madre Linda, California. That place does not exist.

Madre Linda sounds like a real place, though, doesn’t it? I think it’s because it’s basically a combo of Sierra Madre and Yorba Linda. It’s just close enough to both to make non-Californians do a double-take.

Where was You season 3 filmed?

Although we don’t know where the majority of filming took place for You season 3 exactly, Collider revealed that You season 3 was filmed in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more news about You season 3!

You season 3 hits Netflix on Friday, Oct, 15, 2021.

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