Is That ’70s Show coming back to Netflix?

Now that we have a new spinoff of the iconic series That ’70s Show on the way, fans of the 1998 sitcom have been wondering just where they can go to rewatch every single episode of the series.

After all, the show is filled with so many hilarious moments that we still quote to this day and it’s only natural to want to see some of your favorite celebs, like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, on your screens once again.

Though the upcoming original spinoff series That ’90s Show is definitely premiering on Netflix, its predecessor is currently nowhere to be found on the streaming platform despite previously being a part of the site’s comedy lineup years ago.

With this in mind, fans are wondering just where did That ’70s Show go and if there is a chance the show will ever return to Netflix.

We tell you everything there is to know so that you’re in the know, down below.

Why did That ’70s Show leave Netflix?

Newsweek reports that the show left the site last year due to licensing rights not being renewed by the streaming platform itself. At the time, Netflix has primarily focused on releasing original content as opposed to filling its platform with non-original television series such as The Office or Parks and Recreation, and, of course, That ’70s Show. 

Even with all this in mind, being that Netflix is adding the spinoff of the 1998 series, users are now wondering if the site will eventually put the series back. Will they or won’t they?

Is That ’70s Show coming back to Netflix?

As of today, unfortunately, it seems that Netflix has no plans to add That ’70s Show back to its platform. We suspect this may have something to do with Netflix still prioritizing pushing out more original series instead of paying for others. Even still, it is possible that the site will have a change of heart once That ’90s Show‘s release date approaches, so we will just have to wait a little longer to know if the decision to remove the sitcom was, indeed, permanent.

While you wait to know more about the fate of That ’70s Show on Netflix, feel free to purchase or rent the series with Amazon Prime Video for a small fee to watch every episode of this hilarious show.