On My Block season 4 spoilers: How does the series end?

You’ve probably already watched On My Block season 4 by now and are ready to unpack everything that occurred in the final moments of season 4. We’re going to be your guide and break down everything that happened, so keep reading!

We had to wait a long time for this popular Netflix original to be released on the streamer, but it was worth it!

So much happened in season 4 of On My Block, but it was the final episode that left us with mixed emotions.

On My Block season 4 spoilers

We know that it would be hard to forget a series like On My Block, but as new TV shows make their way to Netflix, things can become a little blurry, and you might forget an important detail or two from the final season.

This is why we’re going to go over with you what happened at the end of the teen series. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into On My Block season 4’s ending.

Spoilers for On My Block season 4 ahead!

Does Monse settle her differences with Brian?

Yes! We were so happy to see Monse, Monty, Brandy, and Brian come together, discuss why there’s division, and become a real family in the final episode of season 4. Unfortunately, there was so much confusion because of the lies that Julia was telling Brian.

After Monse read through Julia’s book, she realizes that Julia was a contradiction. She tells Monty, Brian, and Brandy that Julia admits in her writing that she twisted the truth.

The lies she told Brian made Brian think and say hurtful things about Monty even though they were false accusations. During the sit-down, Brian apologizes to Monty for the hurtful things he said, and Monse asks if they can come together as a family. They all agree while holding hands, and now they’re one big blended family.

Who is crowned prom king in On My Block season 4?

After seeing Jamal become senior class president (which was Ruby’s dream), we were happy to see Ruby become prom king. Ruby was extremely focused on becoming senior class president and prom king, but since he and Jamal were on bad terms at the beginning of the season, he lost the chance of becoming senior class president.

Jamal was a popular football player, and no matter what slander was thrown his way, he still managed to secure the senior class president position. He didn’t really want to run, but he did because he was popular and everyone expected him to. Also, we think he ran to anger Ruby.

At least one of Ruby’s dreams came true in the end: he became prom king.

Who is stalking Jamal in On My Block season 4?

Jamal can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to stalkers. In season 3, Jamal is stalked by a strange girl named Kendra. We find out that Kendra initially used Jamal as a Sex-Ed project but then began catching feelings for him.

In season 4, we don’t see her until the final episode when she stares at Jamal from afar at prom. When Jamal notices her, she runs off. Jamal, happy to see Kendra, chases her down. However, when he makes it to her, she has already jumped in an all-black Escalade truck. The same Escalade truck that had been following Jamal throughout season 4.

After Jamal pleads to whoever is in the truck to let Kendra go, a mysterious man hops out of the truck. The mysterious man/stalker is revealed to be Noel Aroma, Jamal’s idol.

After much fanboying, Noel lets Kendra speak on why he’s been stalking Jamal while he telepaths a conference call. Kendra tells Jamal that she’s Noel’s lead intern whose in charge of recruitment for his incubator.

She tells Jamal that Noel has been following him for months and believes he’s the right candidate. Noel finishes his call and presents Jamal with an offer letter to work for him. With little hesitation, Jamal accepts. Now, Jamal has a purpose.

Does Abuelita die in On My Block season 4?

Unfortunately, Abuelita dies in the fourth season. Her death is revealed in the final moments of season 4. We saw her death coming, but we still hoped for the best. She dies from cancer, and according to Ruben (Ruby’s father), she died peacefully right after Ruby left for prom.

This makes sense because her last conversation with Jamal seemed very bittersweet and final. What made her death less emotional was the farewell party that the core four put together for Abuelita. She mentioned earlier in the season that she didn’t want a funeral. Instead, she wanted a celebration of life.

What are the core four’s plans after high school?

Sadly, the core four go their separate ways after high school. We hoped that they’d stick together and all go to the same college, but maybe the distance was needed. They grew up together and were with each other all the time. They’ll most likely remain friends, and that’s all that really matters! We’re going to break down Monse, Jamal, Cesar, Ruby, and Jasmine’s plans after high school.

  • Monse is going to take a year off to write an autobiography before attending Wellesley, an all-women college.
  • Jamal will skip college and work for Noel Aroma at his billionaire tech company.
  • Cesar is moving to Portland to stay with Isabel and help take care of Lydia (Oscar and Isabel’s kid). He’ll also be attending Portland Community College.
  • Ruby will be attending his dream college, Stanford.
  • Jasmine will be going to Berkeley.

What map does Abuelita leave the core four?

Of course, Abuelita had to help Jamal, Ruby, Monse, and Cesar one last time. At the very end of episode 10, Ruby reveals that Abuelita left the core four something. After opening up the gift, it’s revealed to be a map. A map to finding the RollerWorld money!

The RollerWorld money was mentioned a lot in this season, but it was missing. In a flashback that took place a year ago, Ruby and Jamal confront Cesar and accuse him and Oscar of stealing the money. Cesar says he doesn’t have it, and that’s when Jamal, Ruby, and Cesar officially stop being friends.

Then in another flashback, Cesar accuses Oscar of stealing the RollerWorld Money, but Oscar says he didn’t. Based on the map that Abuelita made for the core four, she had the money all along, and she hid it.

If you recall, the last person to be in possession of the RollerWorld money was Oscar. He was getting patched up by Abuelita in season 3. While patching up Oscar, Abuelita looks over at the bag of money and says something to Oscar. The last words she says to Oscar in that conversation is, “What are you going to do with the money?” Then, it cuts to another scene.

We’re not sure how Abuelita was able to get the money from Oscar, but since she knew exactly where the missing money was, she got ahold of the money somehow.

We’re going to miss On My Block, but at least we know we won’t have to say goodbye to the show for good. Instead, we have Freeridge to look forward to! On My Block season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.