The Chestnut Man season 2 release date updates: Will there be a new season?

The Chestnut Man finally premiered its first season on Netflix on Sept. 29, and despite being newly released, the show is already causing quite the buzz by getting praised by critics and audiences everywhere.

IMDb reviewers have given the show a solid 8.6 out of 10, hailing the release for its creepy aura that will leave you hanging onto the edge of your seat. By the sounds of it, the show may be one that audiences will see renewed in the future, but what are the odds of that really happening?

We tell you everything that we know so far about whether or not The Chestnut Man will return for a second season right here.

How many seasons of The Chestnut Man are there?

As of today, there is only one season of The Chestnut Man that has been created, and that sole season is currently being streaming only on Netflix. The first season has six episodes available to watch with each episode being under an hour in duration.

Will there be a season 2 of The Chestnut Man?

At the moment, a second season has yet to be announced. However, this may not have anything to do with the series being canceled and may have more to do with the fact that the series just released its first season in September 2021. It’s possible that Netflix still needs time to give the series’ second season a thumbs up as audiences everywhere are still discovering this intriguing new release.

We’ll be sure to let you know if the streaming site does eventually renew (or cancel) the original series, but until then, learn about when you may be able to see the second season on your screens.

The Chestnut Man season 2 release date (predictions)

If we had to predict when the show would return with a second season, we would say that it wouldn’t be too outrageous to expect a season 2 to drop sometime next year, most likely in the fall of 2022.

In addition to this guess, we also predict that there will be another six episodes or so should the series be renewed by Netflix.

Of course, being that this is only a guess, there is the possibility that the second season could premiere much earlier or later than anyone initially expected as well as have fewer or more episodes than we expected, so make sure to check back in with us for any release date updates.

While you wait for more information about The Chestnut Man season 2 to be released, be sure to watch every episode of the original series streaming right now only on Netflix.