What’s Mike Flanagan’s next Netflix show?

Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s latest project for Netflix, made its premiere Friday, Sept. 24.

The Netflix original series takes viewers to Crockett Island where the community is dwindling year by year due to a lack of resources, jobs, and adequate hauls for the fishermen. Its last 127 inhabitants are holding onto a bygone era before an oil spill changed life as they knew it.

When a new priest arrives to town, bringing miracles in his wake, a renewed sense of faith bolsters this flagging community. However, there’s something the priest hasn’t told them about himself or the source of his miraculous gifts from God. It’s something horrific that would send them running to the mainland if they knew.

The premise of Midnight Mass delves into questions of faith, the institution of religion, and the meaning behind scripture all while exploring these characters and their choices. It’s one of the most compelling series on Netflix which, of course, has left us wondering about Flanagan’s next project for the streamer.

Flanagan’s popularity, at least in terms of his Netflix shows, is due to his The Haunting series which currently has two stories in its anthology: Hill House and Bly Manor. His new horror series, Midnight Mass, is not a part of this series, so can subscribers expect The Haunting season 3 to be coming next?

Here’s what we know!

Is Mike Flanagan’s next Netflix show The Haunting season 3?

Unfortunately for fans of the anthology, Flanagan won’t be returning to The Haunting any time soon. He told Entertainment Weekly that for a third season of the series he would need the following:

It would have to be with the right piece of IP, it would have to be with the right ghost-centric story, and it would have to really fit with Bly and Hill House.

Until Flanagan finds source material that fits that criteria, another entry into the anthology will be put on the back burner. As such fans of the series are in for an indefinite wait. However, Flanagan does have another project lined up for Netflix.

It’s an adaptation of the young adult novel The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike. The book focuses on five terminally ill teenagers who tell each other scary stories under the cover of night in the hospice library. They’ve each made a pact to make a ghostly appearance to their friends if they are the first to die.

Filming was scheduled to wrap on the series September 8. There’s been no confirmation that The Midnight Club has entered post-production, but if the series has finished filming than we could see it make its debut in the late spring of 2022.

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