Midnight Mass age rating: Is the new show appropriate for kids?

Midnight Mass, the latest horror to drop on Netflix from Mike Flanagan, bears no relation to The Haunting series. However, that doesn’t mean the show is on the lighter side of the genre either. This is not Nightbooks which is perfect for younger audiences looking to watch their own thrilling content for the Halloween season.

No, Midnight Mass is a creeping story that edges toward its ties to the genre bit by bit as we learn more about the inhabitants of Crockett Island and their community. We’re introduced to these islanders in the wake of two new arrivals.

Riley has made his way home after years in prison due to a drunk driving accident that took the life of a young girl. He’s not a stranger to his own community but his time apart from them and his own choices has left him bereft in a way very few can empathize with.

In contrast, Father John Paul is a priest who has come to the island to uplift the congregation in their Monsignor’s stead. His time on Crockett brings with it miracles that none of the islanders can explain but that increases their devotion to the Lord.

However, something isn’t quite right about the Father or the miracles he performs which come with a hefty cost, one the people of Crockett may not wish to pay if they were aware of it. Obviously, this is not a story that children would feel comfortable watching but what is the rating for this Netflix original series?

Here’s what we know!

Midnight Mass age rating

Midnight Mass is rated TV-MA for violence, gore, frightening sequences, and strong language. These are not brief moments in the series. There is also murder, animal death en masse, and body horror. The series is a compelling entry into the horror genre and doesn’t skip past its common tenets of unsettling, disturbing, and uncomfortable imagery and storytelling. This includes jump scares.

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