Is Star Wars: Visions on Netflix? Where to watch the show online

"The Twins." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
"The Twins." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

Star Wars fans have been flush with new content since The Bad Batch made its premiere on May 4 just ahead of the summer. For months, viewers went on an adventure with Clone Force 99 and Omega which ended with a renewal for a season 2. Now, it’s Star Wars: Visions turnto step up to the plate and pull focus as fans are once again delving into a new project set in this vast franchise.

What makes this series standout, however, isn’t just that it’s an anthology but also that it’s one depicted in varying anime styles. The Japanese art form has never before been a medium that Star Wars tales have been told through so it’s an exciting time for anime and Star Wars fans.

Consisting of nine short films developed by five animation studios, Star Wars: Visions features stories that stretch across the franchise’s canon timeline. In “The Duel,” a former Sith must come to the aid of a town being pillaged. While in “Lop and Ocho,” a young woman must contend with a divide in her family over the Empire’s place on their planet.

Star Wars: Visions is not only breathtaking and innovative in its differing animated short films but it also works through many of the franchise’s common themes. Good vs. Evil. Elders passing their wisdom and strength on to the youth. Family of all kinds. The duty and responsibility siblings have to one another. Destiny and fate. It’s all there. Shown from different perspectives and walks of life.

Visions is an anthology you’ll definitely want to check out! Here’s where to watch the series online.

Where to stream Star Wars: Visions

As is the norm for Star Wars projects, Visions is only available to stream on Disney+. The exclusive original series is a part of the streamer’s Lucasfilm collection. Disney bought the rights to the company back in 2012. Now that they have a streaming arm, Star Wars projects aren’t likely to land on any other streaming platform.

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