When is Virgin River season 4 coming to Netflix?

Virgin River season 4 is officially official on Netflix!

We’ve been seeing reports and hearing rumors that Virgin River season 4 was happening for months and months. Finally, Netflix confirmed those reports and announced Virgin River season 4 is happening at Netflix.

We’re glad the streaming network finally did that. The cast and crew have been filming season 4 for about six weeks at the time of the renewal announcement!

But, that’s not all the good news! Netflix also announced Virgin River is renewed for season 5!

When is Virgin River season 4?

In the announcement, Netflix didn’t share the Virgin River season 4 release date. Netflix almost never announces release dates until production is complete for obvious reasons.

At the time of publishing, we’re expecting the Virgin River season 4 release date will be sometime in June or July 2022. Production on season 4 is scheduled to wrap in November 2021, according to Hollywood North.

For this show, we expect about six months between post-production and the release date, which means we could see the new season by June 2022.

It will be interesting to see what Netflix does with Virgin River. Clearly, this show is one of the streaming network’s most popular, but it just depends on how early they want to get the new season out in 2022.

Netflix kicked off a strong third quarter with Virgin River and Outer Banks in July 2021. I wonder if the network would hold season 4 until later in 2022 if the season is going to take place in the fall.

That’s merely speculation. For now, prepare to see Virgin River season 4 sometime in June or July 2022.

You know, Virgin River is one of the best Netflix shows coming in 2022.

When is Virgin River season 5 coming out?

Fans are already wondering when Virgin River season 5 is coming out. Netflix will not announce the release date until season 4 premieres, which will likely be sometime in the summer of 2022.

Netflix likes to keep its shows on a schedule with about a year between each season. If that happens, we’ll see season 5 about a year after season 4.

Lately, Netflix appears to be shortening the gap between seasons for some shows, while other shows take much longer than a year to be released.

With such an early renewal, we could see the cast and crew continue filming after the holidays and wrap on season 5 in the spring of 2022. If that happens, we could be looking at an early or spring 2023 release date for Virgin River season 5.

In a perfect world, Netflix would release season 4 in the spring of 2022 and then season 5 in the fall of 2022. We have not seen Netflix do something like this very often, so I’m not expecting it to happen for Virgin River season 4 and season 5, but it would be awesome!

I know fans are hoping Netflix rolls out the next two seasons of Virgin River that way, but it’s much more likely that Virgin River season 4 will be released in June or July 2022, while season 5 is released in early 2023.

Stay tuned for more news about Virgin River season 4 and season 5!