Stranger Things age rating: Is the show appropriate for kids?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things is one of the most popular Netflix original‘s on the streamer. Arguably, it’s the show that launched the platform into a real contender in the mainstream TV landscape even factoring in its previous successes with Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Daredevil.

With each new season that drops on the platform, Stranger Things‘s popularity grows, and it’s no surprise why. This sci-fi horror drama has everything most TV viewers need to enjoy a show.

Centered on an interdimensional fight between a creature known as the Mind Flayer and a group of humans ranging in age from middle schoolers to adults, the series has both found family elements in it and action-packed sequences.

Not to mention the plot twists around the fact that this was all started by a lab that experimented on children which resulted in the discovery of the Upside Down, the dimension where the Mind Flayer resides. Had these scientists stayed within the bounds of ethics and human decency, their world wouldn’t be under threat.

Now it’s up to a young girl with lab given powers, a group of friends, a handful of teens, and their tired parents/guardians to make sure the town of Hawkins, Indiana stays safe and no one becomes aware that there are strange things happening all around them.

It’s a premise that would have anyone ready to tune in immediately especially in the lead up to Halloween. But is the series one kids can watch, too? Here’s what we know!

Stranger Things age rating

Stranger Things is rated TV-14 on Netflix, so it’s intended for an audience consisting of teens and adults.

Being that the show is a sci-fi horror drama, viewers can expect intense scenes involving topics of experimentation, grotesque looking creatures, murder, death, and violence. While the series isn’t particularly gory in its first two seasons, its third ups the ante on the graphic nature of its fight sequences and kills.

Scenes with the teen characters typically track in subject matter and imagery that’s often found in content for their age group meaning parties, alcohol use, mild sexual exploration, innuendos, etc.

Mild to strong language is used throughout Stranger Things. Bullying is also a thematic element in the show along with a storyline centered on psychical and emotional abuse suffered by a teen character who takes that hurt and frustration out on others.

Potential viewers should be advised that there are episodes within the show’s three seasons that include strobing lights which could be uncomfortable or trigger seizures for some people.

The series has been renewed for a fourth season. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more Stranger Things news and coverage!

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