5 good movies on Netflix to watch this weekend: Nightbooks and more


The last few weeks have mostly been about the big TV shows. Looking for good movies on Netflix? Here are five great options to check out.

With LuciferSex Education, and Into the Night, the last few weeks have been filled with excellent TV shows to watch. You likely spent the last weekend binge-watching a few shows, but now it’s time for the movies.

There’s something for all interests and needs from the last couple of weeks. Whether you want a children’s horror or an action movie, Netflix certainly has you covered. It’s time to look at the top movies on Netflix for this weekend.

5 must-watch movies on Netflix this weekend


We stat with the children’s horror movie. Every Halloween there’s something for children, and Nightbooks is the recent release. Krysten Ritter makes an awesome witch who gives a young boy a chance to live as long as he tells her a scary story each night.

The young boy teams with the witch’s servant to escape. Will they be able to get out?


For those who prefer action movies, Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in the next of the movies on Netflix on the list. Kate focuses on an assassin who is poisoned. She has just 24 hours to live, so she heads out on a mission of revenge.

However, she ends up with a family member of one of her victims. That puts her in direct danger while she’s also on death’s door.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are big names from the past. They’re both connected to the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s in their own ways, and this documentary takes a look at their involvement and their relationship.

Once you’ve finished watching this, you’ll want to head over to Amazon Prime Video. One Night in Miami is another must-watch.

Safe House

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds teamed up for the action movie Safe House back in 2012. The movie is now available to stream on Netflix, offering something extra to watch this weekend.

Reynolds plays Matt, a CIA agent tasked with looking after a criminal in a safe house. When the safe house is attacked, Matt needs to escape. He also needs to make sure the criminal remains safe. There’s plenty of humor mixed within the action.

Show Dogs

Want a fun movie for the whole family? Show Dogs is the perfect option. Who doesn’t love talking dogs?

Max is a police dog who goes undercover as a contestant in a dog show. Of course, he’s not on his own. His FBI agent handler goes with him. While there, Max has to rescue a baby panda from animal smugglers. It’s a fun ride from start to finish.

Which movies on Netflix are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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