Are Sex Education stars Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield dating?

Sex Education season 3
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In addition to learning everything there is to know about sexual health, the thing that makes watching Sex Education so special is the beautiful relationships that form both on-screen and off-screen.

Seeing our ships sail in the series has been so rewarding, but of course, there are a few couples that we would love to, perhaps, see get together in real life. At the top of that ever-growing list is none other than Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield.

Mackey and Butterfield’s respective characters on the Netflix original series have always had some sort of a special connection, however, this may be due to the fact that these skilled individuals have tons of chemistry off-screen.

Are the two actually in a relationship or are their acting talents just that good? We tell you the dating status of these Sex Education stars below.

Are Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield dating in real life?

It turns out that these actors’ skills are just that extraordinary because their relationship is simply platonic in real life and the two have actually never dated in the past. However, their connection is certainly not disingenuous because Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield are pretty good friends in real life along with the rest of the cast of Sex Education.

Additionally, it would beside us to not mention that Emma Mackey was in somewhat of a committed relationship after meeting Butterfield on the set of the Netflix original series.

It’s been reported that she had a fling with A Discovery of Withes actor Dan Whitlam since 2020, and though the coupling was of low-profile, the two were allegedly rather serious, meaning a relationship with her Netflix co-star was otherwise impossible.

In speaking of Asa Butterfield, it seems that he is another more private individual when it comes to his dating life, but from the looks of his Instagram, it doesn’t seem that he is currently dating anyone either. Perhaps the two will get together in the midst of their singleness? Perhaps they won’t. We’ll have to wait for that announcement when or if it is ever made.

In the meantime, be sure to watch Butterfield and Mackey’s characters figure out their weird friendship in the new season of Sex Education premiering tomorrow only on Netflix.

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