What is Untold: Crime & Penalties on Netflix about?

Untold: Crime & Penalties on Netflix
Untold: Crime & Penalties on Netflix /

Untold: Crime & Penalties on Netflix is part 4 of the Untold series. Previous parts include Untold: Malice at the Palace, Untold: Deal with the Devil and Untold: Caitlyn Jenner.

The Untold series takes an in-depth look at sports stories that captivated audiences and dominated headlines.

It seeks to investigate the stories that people remember, but rarely know all of the details. Chapman and Maclain Way are co-creators and co-directors of Untold: Crime & Penalties. Their previous Netflix directorial credits include Wild Wild Country.

This latest installment of the series runs longer than previous parts at 85 minutes but has received glowing reviews regarding both its entertainment value and story analysis.

What is Untold: Crime & Penalties on Netflix about?

Untold: Crime & Penalties documents the Danbury Thrashers, a now-defunct hockey team that had a sordid and violent past. The team, part of the United Hockey League, was owned by Jimmy Galante, a man with mob ties. Ran by his 17-year-old son, A.J., a choice that is baffling on the surface, the team’s notorious reputation grew quickly.

In contrast to the violent connections the team had off the ice, the Danbury Thrashers relished in their role as enforcers on the ice, racking up penalty minutes like they mattered more than scoring — and winning.

Not only were they violent on and off the ice, but Untold: Crime & Penalties explores how over two dozen people connected to the team were indicted by the FBI for the way they paid their players: no-show jobs at Jimmy Galante’s waste management job, a known front for other illegal activities.

Untold: Crime & Penalties tells the unbelievable story of a hockey team used as a mob front through photographs, video footage and talking-head interviews. Interviewees include FBI agents involved in the investigation and Jimmy Galante himself.

Where to watch Untold: Crime & Penalties

Untold: Crime & Penalties is currently available for streaming on Netflix with a subscription. The other three parts of the Untold series, which are also available on the streaming platform, are worth watching, too.

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