Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo season 2 release date updates: Will there be another season?

Nothing is better than watching Marie Kondo give audiences tips on how to better their life by removing things that do not spark joy. Ever since Kondo’s expertise was introduced to Netflix, users have been thoroughly enjoying everything that she stars in.

From Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo, Netflix has a great deal of content from this amazing woman, and it’s safe to say that we may be able to expect much more from her in the future.

Sparking Joy is Kondo’s most recent series, having debuted last month on Aug. 31. Although the series was very inspiring, the first installment only had three episodes, which made audiences everywhere wonder if they would receive additional episodes or seasons sometime soon.

We’re here to tell you everything we know so far about Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo season 2 so that you are all caught up on what to expect.

How many seasons of Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo are there?

As mentioned above, there is only one season of this Netflix original series at the moment. The first season has three episodes in total and each episode is under one hour in duration.

Will there be a season 2 of Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo?

A second season is very likely. While Netflix has yet to renew the show for another season, with the success that Marie Kondo has had with her previous series and with the growing fanbase of her most recent show, it wouldn’t be too outrageous to expect a second season renewal eventually. Still, we’ll have to wait for some official news to know what to expect. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

How many episodes are in Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo?

Should a second season renewal be in the cards for Netflix users, we would expect another three episodes in the sophomore season. Of course, we’re hoping that an extra episode or two gets added to the title, but for now, three episodes seems the most probable.

When is Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo season 2 filming?

Unfortunately, there is no word on if Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo season 2 has started filming. However, being that Marie Kondo’s Instagram is constantly releasing new information about her series, we may be able to see some behind-the-scenes videos for season 2 sometime soon. Fingers crossed for some new content!

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo season 2 release date (predictions)

It is rather unlikely that season 2 would premiere in the next coming months being that the first season recently debuted last month, so we predict that season 2 will be available sometime earlier next year. But then again, being that we’re only expecting three episodes, a late November or December release is also just as possible. Hopefully, we will get a release this year!

While you wait for more information about Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo to be announced, be sure to stream every episode of the original series right now only on Netflix!