How many episodes of Lucifer are there?


Lucifer, the fantasy crime drama that began its run on Fox in 2016, has come to an end at Netflix. The streamer picked the show up in 2019 when it was cancelled after season 3.

As a Netflix original series, the show thrived for three more seasons with its sixth and final season having been released Friday, September 10. While this is a bittersweet time for fans who have been following the show for sometime, it’s also an opportunity for new fans to come aboard.

Some TV lovers prefer to wait until a show has finished before they decided to give it a try, so if you’re the type to sit a binge out until all the episodes are available, now’s your time!

How many episodes do you have to look forward to in your journey to becoming a Lucifan? Here’s what we know!

Lucifer episode count

Lucifer has a total of 93 episodes spread across six seasons. However, the runtime for each episode varies depending on which season you’re watching. The first three seasons keep it to a tight 42-45 minutes as they were made for television.

For the remaining seasons, the episodes hover around 50 or so minutes but can be as long as over an hour. That’s the advantage of the show becoming a Netflix original series, less material ends up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints.

The episode count broken down by season:

Season 1: 13 episodes

Season 2: 18 episdoes

Season 3: 26 episodes

Season 4: 10 episodes

Season 5: 16 episodes

Season 6: 10 episodes

Lucifer season 1 synopsis

After growing tired of lording over the pits of Hell, Lucifer skips out on his duties against God’s wishes and opens a nightclub in LA. Lux is a booming part of the city’s nightlife and a social scene Lucifer rules as if he sits upon a throne on Earth as well.

Then, unexpectedly, the fallen one finds himself involved in a murder investigation which puts him right in the path of LAPD detective Chloe Decker, a woman who’s surprisingly immune to not only his charm but his abilities as well.

Intrigued, Lucifer decides to accept the detective’s offer to consult for the police department after his help with a case proves useful. Together, the pair solve crimes around the city that tend to have supernatural connections.

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All six seasons of Lucifer are available to stream now on Netflix.