Will there be a time jump in Manifest season 4?

Celebrations are still in order since Netflix saved Manifest on Aug. 28, which became the greatest 828 day in the history of 828 days. Manifest season 4 will be hitting the streamer as a Netflix original series sometime in 2022, and Manifesters worldwide cannot wait.

Since getting picked up by Netflix, writing on Manifest season 4 has already begun as creator Jeff Rake and the team got back together to reconfigure how to put the pieces together to land this plane. After all, season 4 will be the final season of the fan-favorite series.

Although Rake has mentioned in the past that he envisioned the series to run for six seasons in order to unravel in real time with the passengers’ five-and-a-half-year death date, Netflix’s order for a 20-episode fourth and final season significantly moves up that death date.

How will the Manifest writing team tackle the endgame now that the series has a set finish line? Could the series attempt a time jump to catch up with lost time? Let’s take a closer look at what could happen in season 4 and predict the future of the 828ers.

Warning: Spoilers from Manifest season 3 ahead!

Manifest season 4 timeline

Although Rake has ensured fans that he doesn’t suspect that he will need to forfeit any of the big swings necessary to bring the mythology to its organic conclusion, there’s always a small shred of concern when there’s a compromise. But if anyone can fit three seasons worth of story into 20 episodes, its our Manifest boss.

Of course, there’s not exactly three seasons worth of story left to tell since those assumed 13-episode seasons weren’t outlined from beginning to end. Rake has had a plan for the endgame from the get-go, but he’s said he merely had the twists and turns plotted.

Now that the writing team has the opportunity to zero in on the details of the 20 episodes of season 4 prior to their filming later this year (fingers crossed) and release next year, they can figure out how to get from point A (the season 3 finale) to point B (the endgame) in true Manifest fashion.

Typically, shows will employ the tried-and-true method of a time jump to skip past a lull in the story to get back into the juicy parts. Whether it’s college like One Tree Hill or two full years of lost memories like Alias, the time jump can be used in a myriad of ways to pick up the pace.

However, a significant time jump doesn’t totally work for Manifest. You can’t really skip a year or two in this show because the passengers are dealing with so much in real time. Realistically, we shouldn’t expect to fast forward through a great deal of time, but a couple weeks or months here and there could help the Manifest season 4 timeline stay in tune with the death date.

In the season 3 finale, Cal came back from his disappearance after touching the tailfin, but he returned the age he’s supposed to be — the same age as Olive. Obviously, there’s still plenty to unpack there and could entail a bit of time jumping in and of itself.

Until the final season draws nearer and the cast and creator start to tease more details about what’s to come, we won’t officially know if there will be a time jump. For now, we’re betting on jumping ahead a short amount of time to serve the story and maybe a heartwarming fast-forward in the series finale. Who wouldn’t want that?

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