The Circle season 3 spoilers: Who was blocked and eliminated in episodes 1-4?

The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

The Circle season 3 kicked off on Wednesday, Sept. 8 with what proved to be an eventful first four episodes!

Not only did we meet our first players of the season, but the first four episodes of season 3 sent several cast members packing with a handful of surprise blockings to kick off the new season! In total, a whopping three players were blocked within the first four episodes of The Circle season 3 with our very first elimination of the season coming within the first episode alone.

ALERT!  We’re about to get into spoilers for the first four episodes of The Circle season 3. If you haven’t yet checked out the first episodes of the season and are hoping to avoid any spoilers, now might be a good time for your to exit Circle Chat and come back once you’ve finished your binge of the first episodes!

Before we get into the first elimination of the season, let’s start at the very beginning!

The new season began with eight players moving into The Circle in hopes of making it to finale night and winning the grand prize. First to join The Circle this year were Calvin, Michelle, Kai, Ruksana, Daniel, and Nick, who are all playing the game as themselves. Also first to enter the game were Matthew, who is catfishing as his best friend Ashley, and sisters Ava and Chanel, who are playing the game as Ava.

How did things go for our players in week 1? Let’s take a look!

Did Ava get blocked from The Circle?

After entering The Circle, Netflix wasted no time in throwing the first major twist of the season at the contestants when it was revealed there would be only one influencer to kick of the season — meaning first impressions would be more crucial than ever.

During the first rankings, it was Kai who managed to secure the No. 1 spot in the rankings which made her sole influencer. It also meant she had been given the power to block the first player of the season. In the end, Kai decided to block Ava making Ava and Chanel the first players to be blocked this season. However, the pair weren’t sent home right away and were instead given a second chance at life in The Circle with another game-changing twist.

Did the real Michelle get blocked from The Circle?

Rather than being sent home, Ava and Chanel were given a second chance to remain in the game by cloning the profile of another player in the circle. After careful consideration, Ava and Chanel chose to clone Michelle’s profile and entered the game as “Blue Michelle.”

After entering the game as “Blue Michelle,” Ava and Chanel were tasked with convincing their fellow players that they were the real Michelle and that “Orange Michelle” was the true imposter. Following an intense Q&A and the chance to have conversations with the rest of the players to plead their case, The Circle put things to a vote by asking the players to vote to block the Michelle they felt wasn’t the real Michelle.

In a surprise twist, it was revealed at the beginning of The Circle season 3, episode 3, that the players had unanimously voted to block “Orange Michelle,” who was in fact the real Michelle. As a result, the real Michelle was sent packing while Ava and Chanel remained in the game as “Michelle.”

Did fake Michelle get blocked from The Circle?

After fooling the rest of the players into thinking they were the real Michelle, Ava and Chanel were given a second chance in the game. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to make connections, our fake Michelle was blocked one episode later with Ava and Chanel being eliminated in episode 4 by Kai and Ruksana.

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