The Circle season 3: Episode 1-4 twists explained

The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

The Circle season 3 has arrived, and it’s starting with a bang. Everyone’s favorite social media-centric reality show returns for its third round of catfishing, chaos and competition in true form for The Circle, and we’re ready for any and all twists to turn the game on its head.

The first four episodes of The Circle season 3 premiered on Wednesday, Sept. 8, with the next batches of episodes rolling out weekly through Sept. 29. From the very start, the social media mayhem is off to the races with new twists and heightened stakes.

Of course, season 3 begins with eight contestants joining The Circle in their own apartment in the same building. They cannot meet in person, but they each communicate via the titular social media platform, creating alliances and making moves that leads to the $100K prize.

We’re breaking down the craziest twists and game-changing plays that went down in episodes 1-4 of The Circle season 3. Between blocks and a case of a stolen identity, there’s already so much going on in the latest season, and we can’t wait for more.

WARNING: Spoilers from the first four episodes of The Circle season 3 ahead!

The Circle season 3 identity theft twist

One of the first twists to shake up the season occurs in the first episode following the rankings. Kai landed in the first spot and was named the sole influencer. She was given the task of blocking one of her fellow competitors, and she chose to block Ava.

However, Ava and her sister, Chanel, who she was secretly playing with, was presented with the option to remain in the game by cloning any player of her choosing. Ava and Chanel choose to steal Michelle’s identity since she wound up last in the rankings.

Ava and Chanel, now playing as Orange Michelle, manage to convince everyone that they’re the “real” Michelle, which prompts Blue Michelle (the actual real Michelle) to get the boot. Michelle confronts Ava and Chanel before leaving The Circle, and the sisters remain in the game.

Kai blocks “Michelle” in person

The Circle players think it’s smooth sailing after Blue Michelle gets blocked, but two more players enter the game, and they are both catfishes. Sophia catfishes as her sister, Isabella, and Rachel catfishes as her best friend’s boyfriend, Jackson.

Although Isabella and Jackson aren’t eligible to be ranked in the second ranking, they sure hit the ground running and make a lasting impact on players like Nick and Ashley (a.k.a. Matt). But when Ruksana and Kai are both named the influencer, they must choose who gets blocked.

The double influencers land on blocking Michelle. Kai had been getting closer to Michelle, but she had still been wary of her intentions. Meanwhile, Ruksana ranked in first place and seems to be aligned closest with Daniel. No matter, they still have to block someone, but one of them have to do it in person.

Kai opts to do the in-person blocking, and when she enters Michelle’s apartment, she’s shocked to discover Ava and Chanel sitting inside. As one of the biggest champions for Orange Michelle, it must sting to discover she was wrong. What will Kai do with this information?

Make sure to keep watching The Circle season 3 Wednesdays on Netflix to watch all the twists unfold. The next four episodes premiere Wednesday, Sept. 15.

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