Clickbait season 2 renewed or canceled: Everything you need to know

Clickbait was released on Netflix on Aug. 25, and it’s currently ranked No.1 on the Netflix Top 10 list. It’s no surprise that this show has been received well by viewers because it’s really suspenseful and thrilling. This leads many people to ask if there will be a Clickbait season 2.

We initially thought that the trailer revealed too much about the series, but when we actually watched the Netflix original, it blew our minds how many twists there were. And don’t get us started on that shocking ending!

By the end of the eight-episode first season, everything seemed like it was finished, and loose ends were tied. So, will we be seeing the Brewer family back on our screens again for Clickbait season 2, or was the TV show a one-and-done series?

We hope to see more of the Brewer family, just like everyone else! We’re about to tell you if Clickbait has been renewed for a season 2 or canceled.

Spoilers ahead for Clickbait.

Is there going to be a Clickbait season 2?

Hopefully. Netflix hasn’t announced a season 2 renewal or a cancellation, so it’s still unclear whether there will be a season 2. However, the drama miniseries is doing really well on the streamer, so there’s a chance that the show will be renewed.

What is Clickbait season 2 about?

If Clickbait is renewed, there are two ways the series can go: continue the Brewer story or start another whole story.

Even though season 1 ended with Nick being dead and his killers being identified as his co-worker, Dawn, and her husband, Ed, there still seems to be some dark secrets that members of the Brewer family are holding tightly.

Then, you have Pia, who still has unresolved romantic feelings for Detective Roshan Amiri. Another possibility is the second season centering around Dawn, seeing as though she was the mastermind behind Nick’s murder.

Or, the show can go the anthology route where a different story and family are introduced. The same actors can be used, or new actors can play the new family.

These are all just ideas, and we won’t know what the second season is about until the series is renewed.

When is Clickbait season 2 coming out?

As we mentioned earlier, the thriller series hasn’t been renewed by Netflix for a second season. However, if the show does get a second season, we expect the new season to come out sometime in late 2022.

Hopefully, more information comes out about Clickbait season 2 soon, but for now, stream Clickbait only on Netflix.