5 good movies on Netflix to watch on Labor Day Weekend 2021

It’s the long weekend, giving you an extra day to watch some of the best movies on Netflix. What’s available to watch this weekend? Afterlife of the Party is going to be one of the picks for the weekend.

You may not have too much time to binge-watch TV shows this weekend. You’re out celebrating the unofficial end of the summer over Labor Day Weekend. However, if you do get a chance, you’ll want to look Money Heist season 5, part 1 and don’t forget that Hotel del Luna dropped in full during the week.

When you only have time for movies, Netflix has your back. The first of the month brought plenty of great older movies on Netflix. Some of them you’ll have watched a million times, and others you may just have never got around to. Now is the time to get around to them.

There are also some new Netflix Original Movies that are a must-watch. It’s time to look at the top picks for the whole weekend.

5 must-watch movies on Netflix for Labor Day Weekend 2021

Afterlife of the Party

We start with one of the newest Netflix Original Movies, Afterlife of the Party. This is a fun movie for those who like the second-chance stories. Victoria Justice plays Cassie, a party girl who dies in a freak accident. She’s brought back for five days as a ghost to make things right with the important people in her life.

This is more than just helping Cassie cross over. There are a lot of stories about regret, second-chances for all, and taking life by the horns because you never know when you’re going to die.


With Sept. 11 just around the corner, there is a lot of focus on memorials and documentaries. Worth is a Netflix biopic that focuses on one lawyer’s fight to get justice for the families of the victims in the attacks.

This lawyer faces all sorts of setbacks. There are people completely against him, but he’s not willing to stop the fight for what he believes is right.

Dear John

When it comes to the older movies, you want a bit of romance in your life. Dear John is one of the romance movies on Netflix for Labor Day Weekend. Amanda Seyfried stars as a young woman who falls in love with a soldier while he’s on leave.

The soldier, played by Channing Tatum, re-enlists after the 9/11 attacks. The two keep in touch via letters, with fate testing their love over the next few years. Can they stay together forever?


When you want fantasy, there is going to be one movie that will always stand out from the rest. Labyrinth is one of the best musical movies going, with some excellent lessons to learn along the way.

Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie star as the good and evil in the movie. Connelly’s Sarah has to head through a maze full of untold dangers to get to Bowie’s Goblin King to be able to save her little brother from being lost to the goblins forever.

Mars Attacks!

Finally, it’s all about absurdity when it comes to movies on Netflix. Mars Attacks! is one of the best parody movies of all time, with a standout cast and hilarious moments along the way.

It’s all about aliens from Mars that attack Earth. They’re not there for peace but to take over, but the people of Earth aren’t willing to let their planet go without a fight. Just what can stop these creatures from Mars?

Which movies on Netflix are you watching this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.