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Naruto Demon Slayer
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Naruto movies

Every anime fan knows what Naruto is. Netflix is kind enough to have an extensive library of Naruto content including the full original series and a slew of movies.

There’s 8 movies in total: three from the original 2006 series Naruto, and five from the sequel series, Naruto: Shippuden.

While the films have contained stories, there’s extensive lore you would still need a little understanding of to follow along. It’s complicated if you have no prior Naruto experience, but I’ll try to condense it as much as possible for first-time watchers:

Naruto Uzumaki is a 12-year-old orphan and a ninja-in-training. Even though he’s the class clown with bad grades, he wants to become the next head of the village (the Hokage). The world is divided into villages that specialize in different supernatural ninja forms; Naruto lives in the Leaf Village. After some time, Naruto learns the dark secret that explains why adults shun him: the terrifying Nine-Tails fox spirit that destroyed the Leaf village 12 years ago is trapped inside him. Naruto vows to prove everyone wrong that he can still be the greatest ninja and save the world from evil. He joins Team 7 with the beautiful but temperamental Sakura Haruno and brooding rival Sasuke Uchiha, led by their sensei Kakashi Hatake.

Naruto: Shippuden isn’t available on Netflix, but some of the movies are. The story takes place sometime after the original series. Older and more powerful, Naruto continues to fight the foes introduced in the first series and bring back a friend who fell into darkness.

Demon Slayer takes inspiration from the iconic shonen series, so you can expect a similar charming cast of characters and great world-building. The Naruto movies provide supernatural abilities, introspective fight scenes, emotional backstories, and a main character that just won’t quit.

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