Record of Ragnarok has been renewed for season 2

Record of Ragnarok - Credit: Netflix
Record of Ragnarok - Credit: Netflix /

The first season of the anime series Record of Ragnarok was full of dope action sequences, shocking twists and characters who we couldn’t help but fall in love with. However, what made this anime so amazing was the amount of rave reviews that it garnered in the first week of its release alone.

Following the release of season 1, thousands of fans were desperate to know more of this riveting story of gods battling amongst humans to the death. We certainly don’t blame fans of the anime because we, too, were begging for more and wondered when a second season would be promised to us.

Months passed with no announcements, which led many to believe that this was yet another one-and-done show over at Netflix, but this couldn’t be any farther than the truth.

That’s right! According to Anime News Network, Record of Ragnarok has been renewed for a second season, and the creators of the series are more than excited to deliver yet another season of non-stop action. Check out the official announcement via Twitter down below.

Record of Ragnarok renewed for season 2

In addition to a second season coming our way, the anime’s official Twitter also let us know that the first season will be broadcast on many television networks, including Cartoon Network and Tokyo MX starting Oct. 1. Be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to relive all the moments you know and love.

All this talk about dates is probably making you wonder when season 2 will be coming out. Will it be around the same time the first season streams on TV, or is the date sometime next year? Find out down below.

Record of Ragnarok season 2 release date (expectations)

As of right now, a date for the second season of the anime has yet to be announced, but we do have some reasonable expectations that may ease your mind.

Being that the first season premiered back in June, the second season premiering next year around the same time wouldn’t be too bad of a prediction, especially given the fact that production has yet to begin for the upcoming season. Should production begin sometime soon, we could expect the second season to come sooner than we thought, but of course, we must wait until an official release date is given to know for sure.

While you wait for more information about Record of Ragnarok season 2, including an official synopsis, trailer and release date, be sure to stream every episode of the anime series right now only on Netflix.

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