Where to stream all seasons of Alone

If you’re looking for a survival of the fittest type TV showAlone is just for you. The television series is a reality show that challenges 10 individuals to live in the wilderness by themselves with no human contact and limited equipment.

Each season of Alone is set in a different remote location. Of course, the locations are in the middle of nowhere to make the challenge seem impossible to beat.

Every contestant has the option to quit at any time if they feel that the challenge is too much, or they can be disqualified if they fail a medical test. The best part about the series is that the contestant that withstands all of the obstacles they face while in the remote location wins $500k.

This reminds us of the Netflix original reality dating show Too Hot to Handle. The contestants on that show also could win a grand prize if they follow the rules.

To break Alone down, the show basically goes like this: the contestant that stays the longest wins. Does this sound like a series that you’d like to watch? If so, we’ll tell you exactly where you can watch every season of Alone.

Can you watch all seasons of Alone on Netflix?

Sadly, Netflix has only season 7 of Alone on its platform. Maybe in the future, other seasons of the reality show will be available to stream on Netflix.

Where you can watch all seasons of Alone

You can watch seasons 1-7 of on Hulu if you have a subscription. Season 8, which is currently airing now on the History channel, is not available to watch on Hulu yet.

The good news is that you can watch all eight seasons of Alone on for free! Of course, there’s a catch. There are ads placed strategically throughout each episode. But if you really want to watch this survival show, you won’t mind a couple of ads.

So get to binge-watching because the season 8 finale airs Thursday, Aug. 19.