Netflix apparently canceled Dash and Lily

Dash and Lily premiered on Netflix in November 2020. It was one of the best Christmas shows and movies released on Netflix during the holiday season. We thought it was a massive hit at Netflix.

As it turns out, we might have been wrong.

Midori Francis and Austin Abrams starred as Lily and Dash, respectively, in the Netflix original series, which is based on the book of the same name by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Since the premiere, we’ve been waiting to hear about Dash and Lily season 2. It seemed likely enough to happen. But, it’s been nearly a year and we still haven’t heard anything.

Wondering what’s going on with Dash and Lily season 2? Us too, until very recently.

Dash and Lily canceled

It looks and sounds like Netflix actually canceled Dash and Lily and just hasn’t said anything yet.

Producer of Dash and Lily, Shawn Levy, has been spilling all the details about Stranger Things season 4, Shadow and Bone season 2, and a whole bunch of other stuff to Collider while doing press for his new movie Free Guy. Levy revealed that Netflix had canceled Dash and Lily when answering a question about I Am Not Okay With This, another Netflix series that was canceled because of the pandemic and rising production costs.

Here’s what Levy told Collider about Dash and Lily: 

“Currently, not. Dreams of a comeback in some form or format? Yes. But no current plan and that was kind of a heartbreaker of a lesson. It’s a reminder that sometimes you can make something really good and do your job right and still have no control over viewership or box office and outcome. So that’s one of those shows, like Dash and Lily, which just won a bunch of Daytime Emmys where it’s like we, and the team at 21 Laps, feel like we made the show we promised. We made the show we wanted. Not enough people watched and it is a cruel metric in the age of the streaming wars. And sometimes, if you don’t get the eyeballs, you don’t get to make more of the thing. That’s what happened there.”

I don’t know, but that sounds like Dash and Lily was canceled after one season on Netflix. I don’t know why no one has mentioned this until now. Maybe we should have known that nothing was going to happen when it took so long for Netflix to renew the series.

We’ll let you know more about the future (or lack thereof) for Dash and Lily when we find out. This seems pretty clear that Dash and Lily season 2 is not going to happen at Netflix or anywhere.

Stay tuned for more news about the Netflix original series!