Lost in Space season 3 is not coming to Netflix in August 2021

If you’re impatiently waiting for the next season of Lost in Space to hit your Netflix watch list, you’re not the only one. The second season premiered way back in December 2019, leaving fans all around the world waiting for the release of Lost in Space season 3.

Lost in Space was renewed by Netflix for a third and final season back in March 2020 and was announced to have an expected release date in 2021, but we have yet to see the final season come to fruition on our watch lists.

Although it’s not one of the most popular or critically acclaimed Netflix original series, Lost in Space has attracted a loyal fanbase that’s eagerly anticipated the next chapter of the Emmy Award-nominated series. But is the new season coming soon?

Unfortunately, Lost in Space season 3 wasn’t included on Netflix’s complete list of new release movies and shows for August 2021, which means that once again, the series isn’t arriving in the 2021 timeframe we had originally expected. However, we’re still hoping for a 2021 release.

Lost in Space season 3 release date predictions

As announced online, Lost in Space season 3 started production in September 2020 and wrapped in January 2021. Given the extend of the Emmy-nominated special effects necessary for this particular show, it’s no surprise that it’s taking so long for the series to complete post-production.

Originally, our best estimate for the release of the Lost in Space final season was summer 2021, but it’s looking like fall 2021 is a more hopeful outlook. We should know more official information about the release date from Netflix soon.

Even though high-profile releases like You season 3 and The Witcher season 2 are either expected or confirmed for later this year, it’s still likely that Lost in Space season 3 will also slip in before the year ends. Right now, look for the final season to arrive in October, November or December.

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