How do the Pogues find the Cross of Santo Domingo in Outer Banks season 2?

Another day, another treasure hunt for the Pogues in Outer Banks season 2. On top of keeping track of the gold Ward holds so closely, the Pogues also have the task of tracking down the Cross of Santo Domingo, an ancient relic said to have healing powers.

Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) descends on the Pogues, specifically Pope, to gain access to the key, which opens the Cross and its power to heal. But once Pope learns more about his family’s connection to the Cross, the Pogues make it their mission to find it first.

Outer Banks season 2 fleshes out the background of the Cross of Santo Domingo and how it becomes one of the most coveted treasures circulating through these intertwined groups. But how and where do the Pogues end up finding the Cross?

It’s a complicated and treacherous expedition for the gang, and the results unlock another cat-and-mouse chase with life-or-death repercussions. Here’s all the pressing details you need to know about the Cross of Santo Domingo in the second season.

WARNING: Spoilers from Outer Banks season 2 ahead!

Where is the Island Room in Outer Banks season 2?

Because the treasure hunts in Outer Banks are like a constant escape room, the Pogues don’t just happen upon the Cross. Rather, they have to dig for clues and put in some work to track down the massive golden heirloom. But first, revelations about Pope’s family light the way.

As it turns out, Pope is related to the legendary Denmark Tanny, whose drawings and writings act as their guide. Limbrey searches for the Island Room, which ends up being a room at Sarah’s house. She returns home to find the wallpaper torn off the walls, revealing a map.

By following Denmark’s map drawings on the walls, which Limbrey and her lackey already saw for themselves along with Rafe, the Pogues are led to a tree. Limbrey fails to dig up the Cross, but when the Pogues get their shot, JJ finds a spyglass inside the tree with an inscription that doubles as a clue.

Where do the Pogues find the Cross in Outer Banks season 2?

They make it to the church before Limbrey but struggle to locate the Cross. Eventually, Pope finds the Cross hidden in the church’s wooden beam. How a heavy gold cross can last in the beam of a decrepit old church doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it’s a great hiding spot nonetheless.

Even though Pope nearly gets squashed by the Cross and suffers a near-fatal allergic reaction to multiple wasp stings, the Pogues have the bragging rights of finding the Cross first. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to take it for themselves, and Limbrey steals it… for now.

Of course, that’s not the end of the road for the Cross of Santo Domingo, and there’s much more to the story after its found at the church. Between keys and traveling the seven seas, it’s an all-out war for the piece of Denmark Tanny’s history.

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