Kingdom season 3 release date predictions, cast, synopsis, and more

The New York Times named the Netflix series Kingdom one of the Best International Shows of 2020, and many people would agree it is arguably one of the best zombie shows the small screen has to offer. After two seasons and a very well-received special episode, Kingdom: Ashin of the North, many fans are eager to figure out everything they can about Kingdom season 3, including predictions on the release date, cast and more.

Kingdom tells the intriguing story of a plague spreading in a medieval-inspired Joseon that ravages the country. A few people led by the nation’s crowned Prince must find a way to keep the infection at bay and protect its people from the undead monsters that are infected with the wormlike parasite found in the special purple flower.

Both seasons of these series contain extremely impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Kingdom: Ashin of the North has made its way into the coveted top 10 on the streamer, solidifying the well-crafted period piece chock full of enthralling zombie drama with a stellar story as one subscribers should not miss. It’s no wonder the hype for the next outing has risen to catastrophic levels, and fans will not rest until they know the truth behind the future of Kingdom season 3.

Here is everything fans need to know bout the Kingdom season 3 release date prediction, cast, synopsis and more.

Warning: Major spoilers for Kingdom season 2 and Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Kingdom season 3 release date predictions

There is no official release date for Kingdom season 3, and the show has yet to get an official renewal. But it has yet to be canceled, so speculating on the date it will arrive still makes sense. If more episodes get ordered soon, it’s not crazy to imagine the show coming back at some point in 2022, but people should not be shocked if a 2023 premiere is what actually happens.

Either way, it will be a bit before everyone knows for sure when Kingdom season 3 will arrive, and for now, there are two seasons to watch along with an exceptional special episode that Kate Sanchez from But Why Tho? A Geek Community praised significantly, saying:

Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a breathtaking special episode that showcases the ferocity of a new character and situates the creation of the undead within a larger history.”

Kingdom season 3 cast

There is no official word on when everyone will fill out the roster for Kingdom season 3, but it’s safe to assume that the program’s major players will return for the next run. Here is who fans should expect to come back for the highly anticipated third chapter:

  • Ju Ji-hoon as Crown Prince Lee Chang
  • Bae Donna as Seo Bi
  • Jeon Seok-ho as Cho Beom-pal
  • Kim Sung-kyu as Yeong-shin
  • Park Byuong-eun as Min Chi Rok
  • Jun Ji-hyun as Ashin of the North

Kingdom season 3 synopsis

There is no official synopsis for Kingdom season 3, and it may be some time before anything official comes out. Plot details will be scarce until news of an official renewal actually happens, but for now, it’s easy to speculate what could go down next time around.

The final moments of season 2 had a bit of a time jump and showed the kingdom getting back to normal once they dealt with the zombie threat. They discovered that the parasite could not survive in water, and the infection can be stopped if the infected are submerged in H20 as soon a possible to avoid achieving full zombie status.

The Queen’s plan to steal a baby to become ruler worked, but sadly she did not survive to see it happen. Audiences witnessed Seo-bi save the baby from getting infected by soaking the child in the water. However, seven years later, the baby is now a young boy who still has the parasitic worm living inside of him, leaving many to wonder if he holds the cure or if he will become something even worse.

He is told his parents and brother, Prince Chang, were killed in the plague. Soon after, it is revealed the boy’s birth mother, the wife of Prince Chang’s fallen bodyguard Mu Yeng, is seen working at the palace, and her arc will most assuredly involve trying to get her son back in the Kingdom season 3.

How does Kingdom: Ashin of the North fit into Kingdom season 3’s story?

As for the very much still alive Prince Chang and Seo-bi, in the final moments of season 2, they make their way to an abandoned village in search of the origins of the plague. In the final moments, they encounter a mysterious woman whose tragic story of vengeance is told in Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

In the special episode, it is unveiled that Ashin is the one who gave the physician the flower who then gave it to the king, which kicked off the chaos in the first season of Kingdom. Her mission to avenge her family and village by killing everyone on Joseon and Jurchen soil will end up being a serious problem for the Prince’s efforts to try and eradicate this evil forever.

The deadliest threat in Kingdom season 3 will most likely not be the undead, and Ashin of the North will almost certainly be a revenge-driven force that the country may not survive. Ashin could very well bring the fight to the capital, and it will be interesting to see how Prince Chang and his allies deal with this new enemy as well as stop another outbreak from occurring.

Whatever does happen in Kingdom season 3, it’s for sure going to be a can’t miss affair from start to finish. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more updates as they come out regarding the official cast, synopsis and release date.