Why is Twilight trending on Netflix?

Box office success can seem formulaic and in some ways it is. However, there was nothing about the tale of accident prone Bella Swan’s love story with a misanthropic vampire named Edward Cullen that would have had anyone thinking about dollar signs. At least not with a film adaptation. Yet, the Twilight movies were a pop culture moment in the late 2000s to early 2010s and a staple of the millennial coming-of-age experience.

Based on the best-selling books by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight brought vampires back en vogue. Sure, purists can grumble about her choice to make her vampires sparkle in the sunshine like diamonds but the bloodlust was still there. Edward brooded endlessly about the danger he was putting her in by being together, and Bella charged forward in her belief that their love could conquer anything that stood between them even her humanity.

A very vocal book fandom transitioned into a very vocal movie fandom thanks to these films. The clarion calls of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob increased in volume as did people choosing to be Team Switzerland like Bella. Some fans even proudly declared themselves to be Team Bella, happy in any choice she made as long as it was one she made for herself.

However, all of this fervor started over a decade ago, so why is Twilight having a cultural revival? Well, the movies just dropped on Netflix.

The Twilight movies are trending on Netflix

On Friday, July 16 all five movies in the Twilight saga were released on the streamer. What you’re witnessing online across social media platforms is millennials and older Gen Z reliving their childhoods. People are breaking out their memorabilia, sharing fun and embarrassing fan moments, and communing over the experience of being a young adult when these movies first came out.

That’s what has the movies taking up more than one spot on the Netflix Top 10. Not to mention this is an amazing time to join in on the fun if these movies were before your time. Yes, that includes cracking jokes about their ridiculousness and resuscitating old memes that used to be the height of hilarity in their heyday.

Twilight‘s back in the spotlight for the time being. If you’re looking to indulge in some heavy teen angst paired with an excellent soundtrack, B movie level acting, and the newest Batman being super emo then click through to the next page for the order of the movies.