Who is the narrator in Sexy Beasts?

Sexy Beasts season 1, Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Sexy Beasts season 1, Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Netflix has taken the term blind date literally in its new reality dating series Sexy Beasts. The contestants wear disguises, so their personalities are featured instead of their looks. By using this technique, the date is truly blind to what their companion looks like.

Comedian and actor Rob Delaney narrates the series. He is known for the sitcom Catastrophe, where he serves as a writer and one of the lead actor. He can also be seen in Hobbs & Shaw, Rocketman and Bombshell. 

One of his earliest appearances was in the first two seasons of “Key & Peele.” He played multiple characters in that series. He also played Peter in Deadpool 2. You remember Peter, the average man with no superpowers who shows up to the X-Force auditions. He survives the plane jump only to die by acidic throw-up from Zeitgeist. (in the post-credits, Deadpool jumps back in time and saves him.)

Delaney shared a milestone in this life this year via his IG page. He celebrated 19 years of sobriety early this year with a candid post on his social media accounts. It isn’t easy to share these things, but it often resonates with others enabling them to make these types of changes in their lives.

A 1999 graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a musical theater degree, Delaney turned to comedy. He has earned the first-ever award for “Funniest Person on Twitter” given by Comedy Central. He started posting his jokes on Twitter in 2009 and currently has 1.5 million followers and pioneered comedians posting their jokes on social media.

Rob Delaney narrates Netflix’s Sexy Beasts

Netflix seems to have a market for reality dating series. The Netflix originals Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle are wildly popular for the streamer. Why do we like to watch dating series? Probably because it is a fun pastime to watch beautiful people flirt with other beautiful people.

Delaney serves as the voice-over narration for the series. Netflix’s Sexy Beasts is a re-imagining of the original British series of the same name. Three suitors are trying to catch one person’s eye with the twist that each one is disguised with an elaborate mask. The contestants and potential date are transformed into any type of creature, a panda, the tin man, an alien, a troll, a dinosaur…you get the idea.

After each round, one of the masked contestants is sent home. Before they depart, their true likeness is revealed for all to see. In the end, the potential date and the contestant of their choosing meet face to face and go on a date. The overall intention of this series is to choose someone for their personality instead of just their looks.

The trailer below will give you a great look at what to expect from this series.

Will you be watching Sexy Beasts? 

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