Manifest season 4 might be happening at Netflix or NBC

Manifest season 4 might be happening at NBC or Netflix after all!

According to a report from Deadline, there are rumors that Netflix and NBC are talking with Warner Bros. TV to bring back Manifest for at least another season.

Manifest was canceled shortly after the season 3 finale at NBC. Immediately, and probably even a little before the cancellation happened, fans started speculating about a move to Netflix. The streaming service added the first two seasons right before the season 3 finale aired, surprisingly.

Netflix passed on picking up the series for season 4 earlier this month, but Netflix is now talking about saving Manifest again.

Is Manifest season 4 happening?

It remains to be seen, but obviously, all the talking and competition is a good thing! It was only a matter of time before Netflix reconsidered. Manifest has been one of the top shows on Netflix since it was added to the streaming service in June 2021.

I don’t even think Netflix realized at the time that they passed on picking up the series that Manifest would continue to go this strong. New fans are finding the series for the first time.

It really seems like Manifest’s destiny is to be saved at Netflix or NBC, which has already done something like this for Timeless. Netflix has saved multiple shows from cancellation, so there’s a lot of potential here for something really good.

Obviously, fans need to keep the pressure on and make NBC or Netflix save Manifest. Keep watching the series. Keep campaigning. This is not over, but it’s starting to look good.

Is Manifest season 4 coming to Netflix?

If NBC wants to save Manifest, that’s obviously the easy road forward for the TV series. But, if NBC can’t make the deal work or Netflix has a better plan, we could see the TV series bounce to Netflix.

We don’t know the terms of the original licensing deal, but it seems pretty clear that even if NBC saves Manifest, Manifest season 4 will be on Netflix. The first two seasons are on Netflix now. Manifest season 3 is expected to hit Netflix sometime in 2022, and then Manifest season 4 would likely follow in 2023.

That’s the current arrangement, obviously. Things would change if Netflix picked up Manifest for season 4.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but this is very good news for fans! Stay tuned!